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Bad start

September 6, 2011

Orientation is starting right now, and here I am at home. I ended up being wide awake most of the night because of how late I slept in yesterday. Around 5am I got the bright idea to lay down for a few minutes to rest my eyes. I didn’t feel all that tired, but I fell asleep anyway and slept through my alarm. My legs feel like they are vibrating right now because I am just too tired. It’s a good thing orientation is not mandatory. I’m not missing too much; a few hours of listening to some old guys give some cheesy speeches attempting to be inspiring, maybe a BBQ and mechanical bull.

The only concern I have about skipping orientation is the “meet your teachers” part. Sometimes they give out little snippets of vital information that the school didn’t send (like any changes to class locations and any classes that will not be going on this week). Shouldn’t be a problem though, I should be able to find all that out tomorrow morning once I start class. I will go in later today for that computers exemption test, I kind of want to get a nap in before then but I might sleep through it (and I certainly do NOT want to take a class that I will breeze through, not learn anything from, and have to spend several hundred dollars on a book I will never use again).

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to manage my sleep patterns for the first week or two until I get into a normal rhythm. I’ll figure something out eventually. Not the best way to start my new program but what can you do. Instead of being productive and figuring that out, I am amusing myself with Nursing Student Cat.

Ya….so things didn’t go quite as planned. I didn’t write the test, I’m going to do the course. I’m just way too tired for the test today. I managed to go out and get a new alarm clock this afternoon (which is now located on the opposite side of the bedroom as my bed, hope that works) and have lunch with a friend. Every single sentence I spoke over lunch, I screwed up. I was mixing up the order of words, using wrong words. My legs started to twitch and I got a wicked spasm and cramping in the top of the back of my thigh right under my arse. Hurt like crazy but I managed to walk it off. I’m trying to build up the energy to get some light housework done right now. Tomorrow is going to be a very rough day. I have to hold off on buying the textbooks I’m missing since my loan isn’t in yet, and I’m going to see how long I can hold off buying the computers books for (if I end up not needing them at all, I won’t get them, but usually the teachers assign work from the books that count towards grades).


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