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September 5, 2011

Today has been niiiiice. Some left over pain in my thighs from all the spasms yesterday, but some OTC pain stuff takes care of it very nicely (same for my shoulder). Lower back is feeling much better. Pins and needles, tingling, burning spots in my spine, and numbness as usual. Left arm and left side of my face and back tingle when I look down but it’s not painful. Slept like a champ last night, spent the day relaxing, it was lovely. I had a sneaking suspicion for a little while now but now I’m quite positive: though I don’t get the normal sensation any more once my bladder is about half full, I get a tremor. My hands and legs start to shake, my legs feel weak (I get a bit grumpy too for no apparent reason). It’s more difficult to go than usual, but once it’s done the shaking stops. That makes life much easier since I don’t have to put in so much effort figuring out when to drink, how much, and trying to time bathroom visits without knowing when I need to go.

Tomorrow is orientation day at school as well as the computers course exemption test. After threatening to do so forever, the support staff at school have finally gone on strike. It’s looking like it won’t impact my course at all; almost all services are running as usual, a few have reduced hours but nothing I care about. Going on strike and having services carry on as normal really proves that you deserve guaranteed jobs for life, huh? The whole thing is silly in my opinion. As long as the picketers don’t pester me or interfere with me getting to where I need to go, I don’t care.

I’m getting pretty bored with the layout of this blog, so I’ll be playing around with the layout and such over the next little while. Not sure how I want to organize it yet, so it’ll take a bit of tinkering before I find something I like.

Weather is absolutely wonderful, it’s finally feeling like autumn. It’s 14C right now (about 57F) and I love it! I’m actually a bit cold, it’s nice to be back in hoodie weather. What else…the wound on my ankle is finally healing up nicely. That stye I had a few months ago? Still there. I usually don’t notice it (though I can still feel a hard lump under my eyelid if I touch it), but I can’t wear mascara or it gets irritated again. I don’t know what it is with my eyes. I’ve gone through countless mascara brands and always buy a new one when I get a stye, it just doesn’t seem to matter; mascara always = stye. Unfortunate since I have thing, short eyelashes…*sigh* oh well.

I think I slept in way too late today because I’m having a really hard time getting to sleep. I don’t feel all that tired, just relaxed. I’m hoping I don’t sleep in tomorrow and miss orientation, but if I do oh well. As long as I’m awake and at school in time for the test it’s all good.  Just means I’ll sleep really well tomorrow night. Boring entry, I know, but it’s been a lazy day and I’m feeling fairly good. I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll be stressing out like crazy over school stuff, but meh, I’m not there yet so I’m not going to worry about it.


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