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Don’t worry, be happy

September 4, 2011

The day started out rough, but it turned out to be pretty good in the end.

My legs have been really rough all day; lots of spasms, lots of pain, squeezing sensations. My ankles actually feel swollen right now because of the squeezing and are rock hard to the touch but they don’t look swollen at all. I ended up caving and using my cane most of the morning and early afternoon just to get around the house and  get things tidy before people started showing up today. I was not looking forward to having visitors; I was in pain, tired as hell, and I just wanted to sleep.

For whatever reason that changed pretty quickly once people got here. I had a really good time; I even had a few drinks! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a full drink, let alone more than one. I’m a lightweight when it comes to most types of alcohol so I’m really surprised that I didn’t get drunk. My brother did come down to visit after all, it was really nice. He kept looking at my legs funny though and staring at the MS society donation card on my fridge. He said he would come down to visit more often. I’m not really counting on it because he is extremely busy with his job and has to travel a lot, but it’ll be nice if he can. A cousin that I haven’t seen in quite some time came as well and brought his daughter. She’s getting soooo big (last time I saw her she was just learning how to walk). She was chasing the cat all over the house, throwing my stress balls everywhere (she wouldn’t share them with anyone but me hehe), she’s so bloody cute. Got a bit messy in the mud outside once the rain started, but she loved it hehe. I wasn’t looking forward to an aunt bringing her new boyfriend over to meet the family for the first time just because I was so grumpy this morning, but I really like him. I stayed away from the cane when everyone was here because 1) Grandpa came, and I didn’t want to have to lie to him and pretend to have an injury to avoid upsetting him (he would have forgotten 5 minutes later no matter what I told him but it would have been rough right after we told him, he doesn’t even realize I’m his granddaughter any more) and 2) It’s not the sort of thing I was in the mood to explain to the aunt’s new boyfriend. If it had just been left unmentioned, it would have been extremely awkward (I have no idea if she’s told him anything, but after seeing the way I was walking today and hearing me mention being really sore and talking about spasms to my mom, I’m sure he has questions). BBQ for dinner was really good, and the cake was delicious. That fight I had last night hasn’t been resolved; I’m not as upset as I was earlier but I do still feel like an apology should be coming. It’ll sort itself out soon enough.

Overall, a pretty good birthday. Tomorrow is my last day before classes start and I have nothing planned besides sleeping in and being lazy all day, it’s going to be great. Got a really sweet video game from a friend, so I will be up all night playing that (plus drinking the bottle of wine my brother got me). Also got a gift card for some books, so I’ll be getting Awkward Bitch by Marlo Donato Parmelee and Phantoms In The Brain by V Ramachandran in the mail soon 😀 Plus a super pretty laptop tray so I don’t have to subject my poor thighs to the heat of my laptop any more. Not too bad. Geez, 25 already. People kept joking and telling me “it’s all downhill from now on! You’re old now!” but hey, as long as I can go down the hill in a rocket powered shopping cart or something equally insane I’m fine with that 😛


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