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It’s been a wonky day

September 2, 2011

Oy. What a day.

Started out with a wicked headache (bad, but not a migraine), really bad fatigue and cramping legs. If I’m sitting down I don’t notice the problems with my legs too much, it’s when I’m walking or if I have to straighten my legs out that I really feel it (the muscles in the back of my legs just do not want to straighten out, so I’m limping a bit). The fatigue has been the worst of it. I could barely keep my eyes open this morning despite another good, long sleep last tonight. I’ve been trying to avoid resting my head in my hands to keep myself from falling asleep, been drinking lots of caffeine today, doing lots of little stretches here and there to keep myself awake and moving and munching on apples to stay awake (something about the taste and texture helps, plus they’re yummy and healthy). That and listening to some nice upbeat cheerful music and some good old 80’s rock helps of course (don’t judge, you know Bon Jovi is awesome).

The day just keeps getting hotter and more humid, so that’s not helping me. My burning spots along my spine and hips are getting more intense. The spots on my spine feel like they reach deep into my bones, but the spots on my hips feel like really bad sun burns. The spots on my spine are like a deep, bad sunburn with hot pins sticking into them. Really sensitive to touch, getting a few on them on my thighs as well. It hurts to wear pants but well, not exactly socially acceptable to walk around pantsless in public so I guess I’ll just deal with it 😛 I’m getting some squeezing sensations in my arms and legs but so far nothing in my chest (WOOHOO!) Sitting infront of the fan drinking a nice cold drink has gotten rid of the headache. Lots of hot pins and needles as usual and a bit of twitching here and there. A mild tremor in my left hand but nothing too disruptive. Tingling here and there (mainly in my face and down the left side of my body, gets worse when I look down). The usual numbness as well.

I’ve got to do some groceries but I think I’m going to hold off on that until after supper. Going out to see some friends tonight and have some girly shopping time, it’s going to be great. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to do that, I miss my nerds! I don’t care how tired and sore I am, I need some time with my friends. I need to pick up some more school stuff and whatnot as well (and a new alarm clock).

I think I’m going to have a nice cold shower and a wee nap before supper, but I’m trying to resist the urge to nap. No sense in getting used to having a nap in the afternoon when I won’t be able to do that very soon (I highly doubt my teachers would appreciate me falling asleep in class, or worse, in the lab).

Despite it all though I’m in a really good mood right now. It could always be worse, right? I may not be able to get up if I lay down on the floor, but at least I’d be flat on my back on the floor instead of six feet under! The main reason for my good mood: after reviewing my budget and such last night, I realized I will be able to afford a new tattoo. It’s been years since I’ve gotten a new one (about 6 years I think) and I’ve been itching to finish off my shoulder for a while now. I’m going to get a full shoulder piece done, I can’t wait! I accidentally deleted all my sketches for it last night, but that’s ok, I don’t mind starting from scratch (I know exactly what I want so it won’t be hard).

Another thing that has me quite happy: if you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed a few tweets mentioning Cruisin For A Cause Day at A&W to support the MS Society of Canada. Over a million dollars was raised that day. A huge thank you to everyone that helped support the MS Society that day, absolutely amazing!


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  1. Bon Jovi IS awesome. I now have ‘Shot Through the Heart’ stuck in head as I try to go to sleep thank you 😛
    Glad you were in a good mood today. It makes everything else manageable.

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