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On fire

September 1, 2011

Still having problems waking up (this morning I was up an hour before my alarm, then fell back asleep, slept through the alarm, and woke up an hour late). I’m kind of giving up on my screwed up sleep pattern. As long as I can get myself up and not sleep through an alarm, I’m fine, screw the rest, it’ll come in time. I just don’t have the time to get myself into a normal sleep pattern now. I’m going to have to get a new alarm clock and put it far enough from the bed that I can’t reach it while laying down, but close enough that it’ll be loud enough to wake me up. Besides the problems with getting up though, I’m been sleeping really well. Really deep, long sleep (even dreaming again). For some reason though that didn’t stop me from feeling unbelievably tired yesterday. I just couldn’t get going, was struggling to keep my eyes open most of the morning, and ended up taking a nap (and waking up only half an hour before work, eep). Not as exhausted today but I won’t be surprised if I end up just as tired by the afternoon.

Despite the good sleep and lack of a fever though, I’m still not 100%. Still tons of burning sensations (especially on my back and hips today), headaches, muscle twitches and spasms (mostly in my chest and upper back today so I’m worried about the hug coming back completely; right now its just in the left side of my chest), mild tremor, numbness, and wasp stings galore. My gag reflex is on overdrive for some reason so it’s a pain in the butt to eat, drink, or take my pills. If I hold a drink in my mouth for a few seconds instead of swallowing right away, I gag. When I brush my teeth, I gag. If I eat too slowly, I gag. I’m sick of it. Been choking on my spit again as well, though its not as bad as last time. I did something to my lower back (not sure what, but oh well) so I’ve had to use a heating pad on it quite a bit (doing the usual thing with ice packs to keep my temperature down). Problem is my hips are suddenly extremely sensitive to heat. It hurts my hips like crazy to put the heating pad on, but it’s the only thing that really helps with the lower back pain.

I’m going to try speeding through the rest of that useless math textbook I bought (still not pleased about that whole mess) to brush up for the test on Tuesday. I want to get that done as soon as I can so I will have some time to work on some music stuff before classes start. My fingers are still a bit fumbly when I play but its slowly getting better. It can get a bit frustrating at times (especially since I’m learning two new songs) but it’s worth it.


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