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My baby looks hot tonight

August 30, 2011

What a night, I haven’t laughed like that in years. I went to my first MFR training night in a long time, and didn’t really realize how much I’ve missed some of the people until I got there. It was like coming home after a long trip, it felt so good. We did KED (kendricks extrication device) training last night, so the poor newbies got put in this:

It is much more uncomfortable than it looks.

The rule is “you don’t use any of the equipment until you’ve been put through it as a patient.” I hated that rule when I was new because WOW some of it is so bloody uncomfortable and it can be flat out terrifying (because I’m small I was used for practice a LOT when it came to backboards and whatnot), but I’m glad we have that rule. They had the same rule in my PSW course and I felt the same way about it (being in a mechanical lift was one of the scariest things I’ve been through. Even when you are completely secure it feels like you are going to fall through it (especially a Hoyer lift). I was a little bit nervous at first since it has been so long since I’ve used a KED, but it was like riding a bike. I was partnered up with someone I’ve done a lot of teaming with before and I guess that silent dialogue that goes on is still there. It felt like we had just put 50 patients in a KED the day before, it went very smoothly. She also pointed me towards some really neat apps for pharmacology and such (though I can’t remember any of the names right now, I’ll have to get them from her again). I am a nerd when it comes to apps like that so if you find any really good first response, nursing, or just general pharmacology apps let me know. If you’re confused about the name of this entry, it’s a method for remembering the order to put the straps on for that fancy lil green buddy up there. Middle, bottom, legs, head, top (or tits, depending on how vulgar your instructor is :P)

Now then, onto today. I seem to only have two sleep modes: can’t fall asleep, or can’t wake up. Very rarely do I get a normal night. I’m now stuck in the “can’t wake up” mode. No matter how many alarms I set, I just end up turning them off when I’m half asleep, laying there, then thinking “I’ll just lay here for a few minutes then get up.” Of course I just end up falling back asleep. I desperately need to get this sorted out this week since classes start next week. No more sleeping in on weekends, I need to go to bed at the same time every single day and get up at the same time or it all just goes to waste.

Oh, haha…about school. There are now 3 different versions of the booklist. No idea which one is right, and I just don’t care. I am not buying any more books until at least 2 weeks (maybe a month) into the course. Considering most of the books are written by the teachers for this program, I can’t help but feel extra ripped off. I wanted to go into this course with a positive attitude but this whole mess has left a really bad taste in my mouth and a terrible impression of my teachers.

I’m really sore today (particularly my back, those stupid burning spots along my spine), lots of numbness in my hands and legs as usual, and I had a wicked headache last night when I went to bed. It was just behind my right eye, the same kind of headache I was getting during that multiple month long flareup. My right eye went a little blurry for a while, but it’s fine today. No idea what brought that on. Lots of wasp sting sensations, pins and needles, and tingling that get worse when I look down with the occasional sharp pain in the back of my neck and head. The parts of my fingers that I can feel start to feel like they are vibrating when I look down as well. Bladder problems seem to be getting a bit worse in some ways. For a little while I started to be able to tell when I had to go before my bladder hit the full mark. It’s back to only knowing when it is so full it is painful once again, and well, it can only hold so much for so long; once it hits a certain point, you lose control. I’ve been good so far and haven’t had any more major accidents, but it’s still frustrating. What else….I scared the hell out of myself last night. My hand started twitching when I was falling asleep. My fingers ended up hitting my chest, and since I couldn’t feel my fingers it startled me really badly. I’ve got a thing about any kind of bug, no matter what it is, getting anywhere near my bed. So as soon as I feel something touch me when I’m laying down, if I’m not sure what it is I jump right away.

If I’m remembering correctly it has been 2 weeks since my ER visit, and no phonecall from an internist. The “rash” (which was actually bruising) is gone now, I don’t have a fever anymore, so I don’t see the point in pursuing it. Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since my MRI and ultrasound were ordered; still no calls or letters about that either. I know if there is a certain amount of time between when your appointment is scheduled and when you actually get the MRI done, the hospital will send a letter instead of calling. I’m just hoping that it wasn’t lost in the mail if they did send something. Wait times have increased recently so I’ll wait until the 2 month point before calling to see how far down on the list I am.


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