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August 29, 2011

I have had it with salesmen. If you start following or messaging me on twitter or find me on facebook and start trying to sell things to me or any of the support groups I am in, I will report you for spam. I don’t care what BS sob story you’ve made up to try to con more people into buying your products. I don’t care if your sob story isn’t made up and you actually are a patient, you are still a salesman even if you are not benefiting financially from the BS products you are pushing. I’m fed up with people trying to bully and trick people into buying things that won’t help them and in some cases can do them serious harm or death. You apparently have no conscience, no common sense, and are completely unable to back your wonder treatment claims. Enough is enough.

I do not care if this gets me booted from some of the groups. If they are so damn overrun with these disgusting specimens what is the friggin point in staying anyway?


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