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I hate Mondays

August 29, 2011

I just want this day to be over with. Physically I don’t feel that bad (mild tremor, numbness, little bit of pain and spasms in my legs, burning spine), slept really well last night, but for whatever reason I just woke up in a really foul mood.

Cat kept getting under my feet, annoyed the hell out of me. Phone would not stop beeping at me every 2 seconds thanks to e-mails I was getting letting me know that this blog was being BOMBARDED with spam (go choke on a gangrenous dick, spammers). Drama and snake oil salesmen sneaking into support groups again (finally snapped and told one off in private after they turned into a little bitch and made a personal attack against me after I declined their sales pitch). Telemarketers galore today. And now I just found out that the school has changed the booklist for my program.

Only two of the books that I bought (that they told me to freakin buy on the stupid little list they mailed to me and every other student) are any good now. I spent just over $600 on books that I can’t use now thanks to them, and because they refuse to give refunds on books that were shrinkwrapped, I can’t get that money back from them. Hell, some of the classes, they removed the book titles completely and just say that they have decided which book they want to use yet. I don’t understand how this is considered professional at all. This is complete and utter bullshit. So now I’m just going to have to hope and pray I can find someone on eBay or whatever that is willing to pay full price + shipping for those books and actually pays up and try to get to the new books from the bookstore before they sell out a few weeks into my program after I get my loan. I really friggin HATE this school. They just spent way too much money making over the school (nothing that was necessary to help the students, it was all just cosmetics to try to make their school look like less of a piece of shit), and support staff is *of course, as always* threatening to go on strike? Why the hell didn’t they just fire all those apparently incompetent support staff and spend that construction money on hiring better staff and teachers? Geez, 5 more years at that damn place? Moving elsewhere for university is looking better and better.

I’m going to need a cold beer by the time this day is done.


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