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Meet Abby

August 20, 2011

As I’m sure you can guess things haven’t been the greatest around here lately. I threw myself into fits of excessive cleaning as a distraction and burnt myself out because of it. My “rash” is now thankfully fading away (clear it’s not a “rash” at all as it’s turning yellow, it was a group of small bruises from blood vessels bursting). Expecting call from the internist on Monday. Fever is letting up but muscle aches, dizzy spells, and nausea are still coming and going.. Very hot today which isn’t helping.

But now I have a much more relaxing distraction. A cat was abandoned near my mom’s workplace a week ago. Her boss was feeding and sheltering it, but no one came to claim her. From her demeanour and physical condition it’s clear she was not born in the wide, she was a pet, and someone just let her go. She’s about a year old, a mix (clearly part siamese), has a little bit of an icky eye but is otherwise healthy. She’s mine now, I’ve named her Abby.

Kind of upsetting that someone would abandon such a well behaved and gorgeous animal, but I’m glad to have her. She’s adjusting very quickly and scarfed down three bowls of food in one sitting. Will be taking her to the vet soon for a check up and any necessary shots. No worries, this will not turn into a “ZOMG LOOK AT THE CUTE THING MY CAT DID” blog. Just wanted to share the little bit of happy, since there’s been very little of it around here lately.


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