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Fun with sticky notes

August 20, 2011

I’ve been thinking about previous patients lately, and figured I would start sharing some stories. Details randomly altered to protect patient privacy; I’m not talking about you or anyone you know.

Elderly female pt. Home care, requiring assistance with ADLs due to arthritis. Receives AM and PM care. AM PSW is on holidays so I’m replacing the usual. No dementia, extremely intelligent, walls of the home are wallpapered with various diplomas and degrees. Extremely fond of BLARING bluegrass music.

Go into the kitchen to start meal prep. Rest of the home is clean and orderly (if not full of knick knacks), but the kitchen is like something out of a TV show on hoarders, but very organized. There is a series of notes on the fridge.

“Why did you did that?!”

“I didn’t, you did, dumb dumb!”

“Nuh uh, you did, dumb dumb!”

…Ok…..AM and PM PSWs must be having some sort of conversation via refrigerator notes. Open a cupboard to get a cup. There is a note on the inside of the cupboard door.

“Try again dumb dumb!”

Uhh……ok. Patient pipes up from the other room. “Oh, just use the ones that are out on the counter.”

The counter is covered in about 4 layers of dishes. All seemingly clean and stacked neatly. “Actually, could you use the blue cup? That one is my favourite.” Ok, sure. Blue cup is about 2 layers into the pile. Ugh, ok whatever.

Under the first layer of dishes, there is a series of more notes.


What did you think you’d find?”

“Over here!”

“No no! Not that one! Look over there!”

“I’m blue” (on a red cup).

“I like crackers” (in a bowl with cracker crumbs in it)

The kitchen was completely covered in these weird little hidden notes, and only the kitchen. To this day I have no idea if it was just the AM and PM PSWs screwing with eachother, or if the patient just really enjoyed messing with minds for giggles (I’m leaning towards the second option). I have to admit I was a little bit tempted to leave a few myself.


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