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We’ve got a new record!

August 14, 2011

400mg of tegretol in 12 hours, new record! my starting dose was 100mg. ugh.

I also took some pain pills that heighten the effect of it. I will definitely be coupling them from now on, as I don’t have a whole lot of tegretol left. I’m not sure how long I slept for in total, but it was mainly in half hour to an hour periods before waking up again and dealing with the ongoing attack. I’d have a bit of relief just after waking up (it was spasms in my legs that was waking me up, not the TN), but after a few minutes the TN would come back full force. It was mainly in my cheek, jaw, and teeth all night but this morning it shot up around my eye and into my forehead and behind my ear a bit as well.

It’s somewhat under control right now, I’m hoping that it’s the attack fading out finally more than I’m hoping it’s the coupling of meds working. Either way, I have to call Dr. Fab tomorrow to set up an appointment with her or her replacement (she’s usually on vacation this time of year). I’m really not sure if I want to just up the dose of tegretol. It’s losing its effectiveness so fast, I can’t help but wonder how long a higher dosage would last. A week or two? A few days? Will she want me to start taking it daily instead of as needed? I dunno, we’ll see. I’m kind of hoping to upgrade to gabapentin, but who knows, the likelihood of that losing its effectiveness quickly is probably pretty high.

I’m a bit more open to the thought of surgery to destroy the nerve now. Sure it would suck to have numbness in half my face all the time, and odds are the nerve would heal itself just enough to feel the pain again after about a year or so, but an entire year without attacks and without these pills? That’s kinda worth a few days recovering in hospital and going through the potentially terrifying experience of my first surgery.

Something else I noticed this morning: my eyesight. It’s not allergies. When my eyes went blurry again this morning, there was nothing in my eyes and my sinus congestion is gone. Is it from all the pills or is something else going on? Who the hell knows, I’m not a doctor. Every time I’ve had my eyes examined so far, the problems with my sight had already gone away by the time I saw a doctor.

Wait a minute…hmm it’s been about 7 hours since my last dose. It’s only been lasting about 4 hours lately. I guess that means the attack is fading out for now. We’ll see how long this lasts for. I’m still hesitant to get anywhere near a cool breeze though.


OH! something else I wanted to mention: besides the spasms and face pain, there was something else making it hard to get to sleep last night: I couldn’t sense where my legs were again and I had numb spots throughout my body that made it feel like there were holes in the bed. Extremely distracting and made me feel a bit dizzy. Still a little bit dizzy today but I’m more focused on the problems with my face. If it’s on the left side of my face, it either hurts like hell or is numb (so, I’m having some problems with drooling again, I feel so damn sexy). And of course as I’m writing this I’m getting the squeezing back in my right leg. Arg! Bugger off! I don’t know what the heck is going on here but it’s getting really old really fast.


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