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danger! danger! red alert! danger!

August 14, 2011

Yaaa I’m screwed. I’m now at 600mg to control a single attack, and only have 500mg left. Unless I get lucky and manage to go without any attacks before I see Dr. Fab, I’m going to be going through quite a bit of suffering. What can ya do, eh? I should have booked earlier, no one to blame but myself.

I’ve now officially lost my toes. Can’t feel em, can’t move em. Its working up my legs so this is definitely another full blown relapse coming on. Not happy. Of all the times, why right before the beginning of a new semester? Oy.

Still though, I’m doing what I can to keep up with everything and plan on treating myself to some cake when I get home as a reward for getting through work while in this condition. Mmm, victory cake. Might even dive back into one of my favorite games tonight, Dragon Age: Origins. Nothing like having a little escape into a fantasy world where you can be the hero who struggles against adversity and come out victorious in the end when you’re feeling your body shut down on you.

Something I’m really hating about the tegretol: its making me feel really, really warm. Ugh. Oh well, good thing for AC huh?

That’s all for now. Just needed to ramble. Up next: life in the middle pt 2: support groups.

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  1. Krausie permalink

    *hugs* hope the Doc can help ya out and I hope that dragon age does that for you until the Doc can!

    • Right now I’m hoping for a gabapentin rx. Tegretol has just let me down way too fast. I think its time I break up with it :p at least with my gp I always get in fairly quickly, usually about a weeks wait

  2. Wow, forget a week to see her, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon 🙂 I love Dr. Fabulous so damn much.

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