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August 12, 2011

I’m really hoping it’s just from not getting enough sleep last night, but I felt like crap all day. Still have the hug around my abdomen and it got really, REALLY tight for a few hours this afternoon around lunch time. It kept squeezing really tight, letting up, then squeezing again. It’s never come in waves like that. It made it really hard to eat. It’s back in my chest a bit right now, hopefully sleep will take care of it. No more squeezing in my legs, but I still get it in my wrists from time to time. Left arm still feels like it’s got a concrete cast on it.

My legs are rotten today too. Really sore, really weak. Running really low on energy, getting more headaches than usual. A few little flashes of light again. The magnesium is kicking the hell out of my stomach again but I’m going to try to stick with it longer this time. If it doesn’t go away after a month I’ll try switching to a different type. Still have that burning spot in my spine between my shoulder blades, and now a new one lower in my back (again, at the center of the hug). The tingling when I look down has improved though, it’s mostly just in my toes now. Little bit of cog fog as well and a lot of pain in my arms that comes and goes (it’s that weird funny bone pain again, but it’s not in the joints at all, just the muscles in my forearms).

I went to take a nap this afternoon because I was just so drained, and as I was laying there my right bicep seized. It stayed like that for a few minutes, started to spasm, relax a little, then tensed right back up. When I woke up it wasn’t seized up any more but I had that squeezing feeling in the same spot for about half an hour. A few bouts of blurry vision here and there but I’m not sure if it’s from my allergies or not. My eyes get all yummy and gooey when my allergies get bad, so it could have just been goop on my eye, who knows. Maybe next time it happens I’ll be able to get to a mirror fast enough to see if there is anything in my eye. Thanks to the allergies though I can’t breathe out of my nose. Combine that with the hug that’s coming back in my chest, it’s just friggin miserable.

Realized just how bad the numbness in my hands is last night. I won’t be walking around the house with the lights off any more. I shut everything down in the computer room and wandered to the bathroom in the dark, leaning against the wall so I didn’t bump into anything like I usually do. When I got near the bathroom the back of my hand felt wet, but I just assumed it was that weird sensation again. Once I got into the bathroom though and turned the light on, I realized my hand actually was wet. I had blood dripping down my hand from the last knuckle on my middle finger. I had hit my hand on something but didn’t feel it. Whatever it was, it tore a chunk of skin off. Took a little while to get the bleeding to stop but it’s fine now.

I’m going to give the melatonin another shot tonight, coupled with my allergy meds. These symptoms shouldn’t still be going on if it was just hormonal. I’m really hoping a good sleep takes care of it. I can’t deal with another attack right now. I got a package from the school in the mail today with my schedule, notes about orientation, and letters about tests. The exemption test for the computers class I was hoping for is on the same day as orientation, and I have to write a stupid math test first day of classes (despite not having a math class that day). Apparently the people teaching math to all the pre-health, paramedic, business, and other students don’t know what they are supposed to teach so we all have to write a test so they can try to figure that out. I really hate my school right now. They’re not even using proper textbooks for the math course (or the biology course, or the communications course). It’s some package written by the teacher, and I have a big problem with that. Math teachers usually are pretty damn horrible at teaching, so I was going to rely on the textbook to clear things up. Guess that’s not an option now.

I just hope I have enough time between orientation and the computers test to wait in line in the bookstore to get my books and such. Starting to look more into going out of town after this year of school. I don’t want to be stuck at that campus for 5 years, even if the last 4 years of it are spent in a course offered from a different school. I dunno…we’ll see. Odds are that won’t happen and I’ll stay put but oh well. Is it spring break yet?

One really good thing about today though: Day 3 of no trigeminal neuralgia. I had some numbness and tingling in the left side of my face, as well as some pressure but I’m not sure if it was the TN or not. It wasn’t like my usual aura. Normally I feel pressure the entire way across the cheekbone, this time it was just a few spots, like someone was pressing their fingers on my face. It went away really quickly though. Either way, 3 days without tegretol so I’m thankful  for that.


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