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August 9, 2011

Position: man servant

Job description: cooking, cleaning, therapeutic massage (get your mind out of the gutter ;P), personal transportation (must be able to carry up to 120 lbs for long distances), taking dictation…

Anyway, the hug is still here. At the best of times I still feel the pressure in my back and sides. At the worst the pressure is all around my chest and abdomen making it so friggin hard to breathe. My spine, between my shoulder blades, is burning constantly. Legs still tingle when I look down, but it’s not as intense and doesn’t set in so quickly. Left arm is just dead. It feels like I’m wearing a cast made of concrete on it. Still have numbness in my hands. Legs are getting better though. They’re weak but I can straighten them out again. Big improvement, since at the worst of it if I tried to straighten my legs they would shake like crazy and it felt like I was tearing the muscles because they just wouldn’t relax. Headaches here and there, trigeminal neuralgia is not stricking as often (just one attack). The attack I did get though wasn’t entirely controlled with my double dose of tegretol though, which is a bit worrisome. It did make the pain tolerable though. Bit of shaking in my hands but nothing too obvious.

Tried using heat for the hug and much to my surprise it worked better than ice. It doesn’t get rid of it completely and I have to either crank the AC all the way up or keep the rest of my covered in ice packs to avoid letting my temp get too high.

What else….some pins here and there (including inside my mouth again and now in my ears too), seeing flashes of light again. Still feel squeezing in my dead arm, thankful I don’t feel it so much in my legs now (it’s back down to feeling like tight socks, it was at the point where it felt like my skin was going to burst open and everything was going to spill out, extremely painful).

So getting better slowly, some really disruptive symptoms lingering (it’s really hard to type with this dead arm). Still hopeful it will only be a few more days of this garbage (really hoping the hug stops soon, it’s horrible). A few more weeks and I’ll be getting a new speech recognition program, can’t wait for that.


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