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Grand total

August 6, 2011

Number of times it felt like I was being stabbed with hot pins yesterday: 141

Number of TN auras yesterday: 5

Had a hard time sleeping last night. The tingles got really intense yesterday, I had goosebumps on the left side of my body even though I was a bit warm. Still getting them strong enough to give me goosebumps. Headache, cramping in my right thigh, right ankle feels tight (that stupid banding sensation again, like I’m wearing a sock that is too tight) and it’s slowly building up in my left ankle as well. Just after I fell asleep last night, I was woken up with a really sudden, intense squeezing feeling in the right side of my chest. It was like that “hug” that I went to the ER for a few years ago but only on the right side. It only lasted about 15 minutes but it was really startling. This happened the night before as well.

Legs and back are more tingly and stabby than usual so far today. At least all the auras went away on their own yesterday. One lasted for over an hour and I got a few mild shocks but it went away after that. Finally, going on more than 2 days without taking tegretol. Just a few more days of this crap I hope.

Looking up a bit about the various surgeries used for TN. I wish I could say it was comforting, but it sounds pretty damn horrible. I hope it never comes to that.

Oh and something else that is making me kinda grumpy: it seems I’ve been blown off by the coordinator of that local TN support group. She didn’t seem to like that I’m only on tegretol as needed instead of daily. Taking the meds PRN is normal, especially so soon after diagnosis. But blowing someone off because they are having a different treatment than you? Now THAT is supportive, huh?


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