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PJ Day

August 5, 2011

You know what I love? PJs. You know what else I love? My bed.

I could have done backflips out of bed this morning. When I woke up, I was wide awake right away and my energy level was sky high. That hasn’t happened in so long, it was wonderful. I didn’t get much done though. Pretty much all I did was make a nice big breakfast (OMNOMNOM!), then I just kept thinking about my bed. Was full of energy, but just couldn’t stop thinking about how comfy my bed is. So, I laid down for a few minutes and I guess I got too comfy because I ended up sleeping for another few hours. Oops. Oh well, I don’t have to do anything today.

I kept myself amused during breakfast with my tingles. All morning, whenever I looked down I would get a wave of tingling down my spine, then through my arms, and it would linger for a few minutes in my legs. No pain in my neck or the back of my head, just tingling. I kept giggling and squirming around every time I did it. What can I say, simple things amuse simple minds. I get a few patches of tingling here and there without looking down.

I’ve been keeping a sheet of paper and pen with me all day to keep track of the pins and needles. I’m not tracking duration, intensity, location, quality, or anything like that, just amount. So far I’m at 23 pins today. Will post the grand total tomorrow. For the first time though I had the pins and needles sensation in my mouth. It felt like a pin was jabbing into the side of my tongue towards the back, and it tasted like I had a penny in my mouth. Weird, new, and very uncomfortable but at least it went away.

Headaches off and on today, some heat induced cramping in my legs. My legs are still a bit stiff but I’m nowhere near as sore. No more generalized pain all over my legs, it’s limited to a few areas that cramp when I’m too hot or doing too much. I have a bit of shaking in my hands, mostly my left hand and my right pinky and ring finger.

I seem to be getting a TN attack every 2 days, and today is day 2 of no tegretol so we’ll see how that goes. I had a few little auras yesterday but they went away on their own. Two auras so far today (one right now actually*), but the first one went away very quickly so I’m hoping this one does too. I’m confident that these symptoms will only last a few more days, 4 at the most, so I’m happy about that.

I’m loving the lack of cog fog though. Once the sun goes down I’m going to stay up a bit later than usual and maybe get a good chunk of housework done. It’s really hot right now, but thankfully lately nights and mornings have felt like autumn already (and the maple tree in my front yard is already starting to turn read :D).

I might go for a walk tonight, who knows. We’ll see how much it cools down.

Oh and speaking of cooling down…to the bitch that thought it was a good idea to leave her young child alone in their running SUV for over 20 minutes while she was in Dairy Queen: it’s illegal to leave a child under 10 years old alone in a vehicle here. How sweet of you to leave the car running so they could have the air conditioning on, but did it ever occur to you that your child (who was clearly VERY bored) would accidentally take your SUV out of park? Or that someone might see a shiny new SUV with the engine running and no adult in it and think “hey now, I want to steal that”? It really amazes me that they don’t require licenses to be a parent.


*TN aura went away on it’s own. Victory!


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