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Pain plan and drug interaction

August 4, 2011

My leg swelled up again last night, though not as bad as it was the night before. It’s down to normal size again today, and I have a lot fewer numb areas, but a LOT more pain. My legs are just aching nonstop, it’s like a combination of really bad fu-like body aches and running a marathon without preparing for it. My hips are sensitive to touch, feeling like the area is bruised even though it isn’t. So, I stand for 5 minutes, my legs start to ache more and cramp, I sit down to rest them, and my hips start to hurt from having a chair touch them. I’m absolutely exhausted today, but I was up kinda late and had a fairly long, extremely tiring conversation last night. I might try for a nap later this afternoon. Since I can sleep in a bit tomorrow, I can take a sleeping pill tonight to stick to a normal bedtime. Lots of headaches that keep coming and going, some eye pain, lots of intense pins and needles (I might try to count how many times it feels like I’m being stabbed with pins tomorrow just out of curiosity). Taking a break from exercise this weekend to conserve energy.

Now, onto the pain plan. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have taken some unsafe amounts of OTC pain relievers in an attempt to stop the various pains that I get. When someone is in that much pain, it’s just not possible to think clearly. Because of that, I am writing up a pain plan flowchart for each type of pain and keeping it posted right above my desk. Thanks to some poking around of my own, I know now that I should be avoiding acetaminophen because of the interaction it has with my carbamazepine (tegretol). You’d think that would have been something the pharmacist would have mentioned, but hey, like I mentioned before…she’s not that bright and terrible at her job. I bought some earplugs to use when I have a TN attack since sound is a major trigger for me (but again, I can’t think straight when those attacks come so in the attacks since I bought the earplugs, I forgot I had them). I also bought a little makeup bag thing to keep my pills, earplugs, stressball, etc in so I’m not frantically rummaging around in my bag trying to find them when I need them.

I’m fairly certain now that all the problems I’m having lately are stemming from a *ahem* hormonal fluctuation, so at least it should pass relatively quickly. What else…..that’s pretty much it for today. I may post a screenshot of one of my pain plans as an example for anyone reading that deals with chronic pain because it’s a pretty good idea to write up these plans. I haven’t forgotten about that entry I mentioned about what it feels like being stuck between a diagnosis of two different illnesses. It’s going to be kinda depressing to write about it, but I hope to have it up by the end of the weekend.


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  1. I wish I was as organized as you are… nightstand is my medicine cupboard and I have some pills in my purse. I suppose I should at least have a list of meds/dosages so in case of emergency Hubby knows what I need. I think he knows “blue pill for bladder, white pills for walking, poke Mon-Wed-Fri”. Might come in handy for the major cog-fog/fatigue days too.

  2. I try to stay organized, but it doesn’t always work out 😛 I have a little built in thing under the window next to my desk and one of the drawers is taken up completely with pills and whatnot. I only keep the pills that I might need ASAP in my purse (two different pain relievers, one that I can’t take while on tegretol, another that I can while on it, the tegretol, pepto chew tabs). I’m glad I stuck those ones in a little makeup bag though, so much easier to find now, no digging around “oh crap that’s not the right bottle!” just look for the brightly coloured bag inside my purse and there they all are. I really like that rhyme for your pills haha, cute and effective! A list could be useful though for foggy days, just incase.

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