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RIP right foot

August 2, 2011

I don’t know what is up with my foot. I woke up feeling like I sprained my ankle. I didn’t sleep on it funny, and it just got worse and worse all morning. Went shopping with some friends and god it got worse. My entire leg started to tingle then just UGH massive cramps in my thigh and numbess in my calf. We left the store and started walking towards a coffee shop, and it got really hot really suddenly. It’s beautiful out now and was all morning and early afternoon, but for a few hours it was just disgustingly hot. On the way to the coffee shop my foot started spazzing. It was doing that horrible stupid charlie horse type pain and curling downward like I was stepping on a ball. I didn’t have my cane, so I had to put my full weight on my foot with every step, forcing it flat. It was so friggin painful. I was so happy to go shopping and being able to walk home, having to get a ride home felt like defeat, I hated it. Once I got home and rested it for a while and cooled down, the pain went away for the most part, but now almost my entire leg is numb except for the extreme upper region near my hip. And now my other leg is starting to tingle and ache, so it’ll probably end up numb by the time I go to bed. I can’t stand going to bed with numb limbs, it’s oddly disorienting. My right arm is a bit stiff too and I’m not sure why. Normally it’s the left side of my body that acts up first, no idea why it’s switched sides suddenly.

I have no idea what to blame this on, since when the pain started I was in air conditioning so it wasn’t from heat, and I wasn’t stressed out about anything. It could be a monthly thing but I have no idea as I don’t keep track of that sort of thing. I guess I just have to wait and see. I did some shopping for school stuff today and happily scratched a collapsible cane off my list. I guess I need to put that back on the list.

On the positive side, no TN today. I’m getting fairly tired so I’m confident that I won’t jinx myself by saying that before the day is done.


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