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The Crash

July 29, 2011

Once I got home, I zigzagged to my door and somehow managed to get the key in the lock. I sat down on the couch and waited for the pain to fade some more. It had faded down to the aura again; that feeling of being beaten about the face then stuck in a vice. Compared to how bad the attack had been, this was easily tolerable. I’m not sure how long I waited for on the couch, but after a while I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and went to bed. The longer I laid there and the closer I got to sleep, the more the pain went away. I checked the time, and then rolled over onto my left side. The pain was gone, and having my face touch the pillow didn’t bring it back. I slept like the dead. The total time that passed from when the aura got intense to when I was finally pain-free those few moments before sleep was approximately 5 hours. It felt like a lifetime.

The exhaustion that came after the attack wasn’t from the pain killer. I’ve taken that pill for other pains before and it doesn’t make me tired like that. It was possibly a bad combination of the tegretol making me drowsy, and just being exhausted from the attack itself. Before I got my prescription for this, I would always get extremely tired after an attack. The attacks would burn me out completely and I wouldn’t be able to do anything afterwards besides sit and stare or sleep. There have been a few times where my normal dose of tegretol made me a little bit drowsy. Not enough to force me to sleep though, so I doubt the double dose had much to do with this.


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  1. Holy fuck….. I don’t know much about TN but I do know how it feels to be trapped in a body that seems to be out to get you. The helplessness, the frustration, the anger, the hopelessness…..
    My prayers are with you.

    • Thanks hun. I just hope none of my MSers end up with TN (I can’t remember the exact numbers, but some people with MS end up getting TN as well as a result of the MS). I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  2. I can’t handle pain in my head/face….ANYWHERE else and I can manage. Every day/month/year is a new adventure with MS so who knows where I I will end up on the symptoms roller coaster. So far one of the worst ever (other than shitting my pants) was the restless legs. Dear god that is horrific but there is no pain and it only lasted about three days. I guess I’m fortunate to not have a lot of pain. My last round of Solumedrol caused some pretty awful soreness like every muscle in my upper body had been beaten with a bat but it only lasted about a week.

  3. Besides the TN pain, pain in my face isn’t too much for a big deal for me. I’m used to having a lot of sinus pain from allergies and used to have a lot of piercings, so it’s just like any other part of the body being sore for me. My feet though, I can’t stand. That drives me nuts and turns me into a big ball of grump. The twitches, tingles, and numbness are what keep me awake more than anything else, it drives me nuts (especially the tingles, sometimes it gets so bad when I’m trying to sleep it feels like I have spiders crawling all over my body, ugh!)
    I hope you stay relatively pain free, chronic pain drains a surprising amount of energy. I didn’t realize how bad the pins and needles are until I started taking the anticonvulsant. Once they came back when I was off the pills, it was like…holy hell how did I ever just deal with this?! I’m still trying to just get used to it again, it sucks.
    I’ve heard a lot of about the really bad aching from solumedrol, hopefully you don’t have to do that too often :S

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