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No driving for me

July 27, 2011

Once again taking a break from driving. I’m having some problems with my sight yet again. I can still see colours just fine, but I’m getting random blurring. My eyesight drops suddenly with no warning; it’s like taking my glasses off for a few seconds then putting them back on. Even with my glasses on my vision is a little bit fuzzy. Once my school insurance kicks in I’m going to get my eyes checked. The flashes of light haven’t increased in frequency, but they are brighter.

The sensitive skin is almost gone thankfully, but the sore muscles are getting worse. It’s everything now, not just my legs. My legs are worse than yesterday; the more the day goes on the worse they get. Standing for a few minutes is giving me really horrible cramping. I’ve got a constant TN aura in my left cheekbone (that lovely pressure, crushing, someone punched me in the face* and their fist is still there feeling) and my bottom left jaw is aching. If I stay at the dose I’m at now, and if I end up having to take it every day, I have enough tegretol for 24 more days. I’m hoping it won’t come to that. I’m starting to break out around my mouth and left cheek because it hurts to wash my face properly. The tegretol is still giving me really bad twitching, and I know it’s worn off when the pins come back. I don’t know if it’s more intense now or I had just gotten used to it, but the pins and needles/wasp bite-like pain is much more painful than I remember. My fingertips are numb and I’m getting a lot of headaches. I’m hoping that this isn’t the beginning of another attack, but I think I know what to blame it on. I’ve noticed what is likely the beginning of a UTI, so I’m going to be a bad patient and do the cranberry trick to try to take care of it on my own (the antibiotic I’m on now doesn’t treat UTIs). If it gets worse or doesn’t go away in a few days I’ll see Dr. Fab. I’m really hoping the cranberry will get rid of it (though I know logically it’s not likely to work) because I’m just so damn sick of antibiotics.

I’m so sick of taking a fistful of pills everyday. Sometime last week I planned on having a night to myself, give myself a pedicure, that kind of thing, but I never got around to it. I’m going to need it tonight after work though, and since I’ve had such a hard time waking up lately I’m not going to bother setting the alarm tomorrow. I’m just going to sleep for as long as my body thinks I need to. Maybe it will do me some good.


* speaking of feeling like I’ve been punched in the eye, that stye I had a while ago? It’s still there. It doesn’t hurt anymore but there is still a hard lump under my eyelid. First time one has lasted for more than just a few days. Ugh. Oh well, what can you do, eh? At least it doesn’t hurt.


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  1. I get like 5 UTIs a year and I got tired of taking antibiotics. I now take Oreganol P73, two pills twice a day for two weeks. Its OTC and can be found at vitamin/heath food stores. When I get a UTI my symptoms get bad which is how I know. My urethra is almost totally numb so I don’t feel the burning & I always have bladder control issues thanks to my MS so it can be difficult to tell if one is coming on.
    And for styes (had them frquently since grade school) I pluck the couple of eyeashes in the center of the lump & it goes away. Hurts like hell but totally worth it.
    I don’t know how you work feeling like you do……

  2. I’ll have to look into the oreganol P73 pills, because ugh the cranberry juice tastes TERRIBLE! lol (I was going to go with cranberry capsules at first, but decided against it as I’m already taking a minimum of 6 pills per day, who needs more pills, right?) I get really obvious signs that one is coming on, so thankfully I caught this early so it shouldn’t take too long to nip it in the bud. As for the stye, I’m not sure that plucking the lashes would work. I’ve only had one stye that was on the rim of my eyelid, the rest (including this one) have all been deep under the lid (this one is near the bone). It is shrinking slowly but surely though, so it’ll most likely just fade out on it’s own. And about work…I could say the same to you 😉 lol. Meh, what can I say. If I don’t do something, I will go nuts and the bills won’t get paid, so I have to. Considering my lack of a diagnosis in regards to everything but the TN, I think it’d be highly unlikely that I would qualify for disability, but even if I could qualify for it I wouldn’t want to. That would be giving up for me, and I’m not ready to do that.

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