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My bad

July 26, 2011

Thanks to me screwing up my prescription instructions for the antibiotic I’ll be on it for a few extra days (I read the script as “1 pill twice daily” but it’s “two pills twice daily”). Note to self: when in extreme pain, have someone else dish out any new meds, since I clearly can’t read/process instructions properly in that much pain. Now that I’m taking the proper dosage my stomach is taking revenge on me. My legs are extremely sore, especially the left leg (hurts like crazy to straighten it out, thigh muscles are rock hard because they’re so tensed up). The TN attacks are less plentiful though still as intense. I’ve only had one attack so far without any aura. My skin is really sensitive today, feels like I have a sunburn all over my body, the worst being my shoulders and hips. Been kinda tired lately, sleeping more than usual. I normally wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off and just lay there relaxing, but I’ve been turning the alarm off and sleeping for a few more hours without realizing it. Bought a bottle of wine today. I haven’t had the urge to drink for quite some time now but I’m looking forward to having a little glass once I’ve had a few days free of the anticonvulsant (a little victory glass I suppose for getting through the TN attacks).

Got myself my new ride last night: a skateboard. Why? Because I like tempting fate. That and I guess I want to try to reclaim a bit of my youth (mid-mid-life crisis?). It’ll save me money on bus passes to get to school, faster than walking, expends less energy than biking, and if I fall it’s a shorter fall than from a bike. Thanks to my legs being so sore and it being raining off an on here lately I haven’t had the opportunity to really break it in yet.

What else….had the worst reaction to the tegretol so far recently. I had a wicked attack (the one with no aura) around 1:30am, so I popped a pill immediately. I felt horrible. It took the pain away for the most part, but the twitching and spasms were the worst they’ve been so far on this drug. It made me feel really out of it, like I was stoned. Completely sapped my energy, it took everything I had to just get myself laying down. I’m honestly not sure if this was yesterday or not…I think it was. It’s getting really hard to keep track of days. I know what day it is, but when trying to remember something, everything blurs together, like there is no definition between the days. I’ve been repeating stories a lot too; I keep forgetting who I told what to.

I’m trying to get a jump on school work. I’ve downloaded a lot of the academic shares and have started looking things up and such, but it’s really hard to focus. I can get through a page or two of notes before I need a long break, which is really unusual for me. Especially considering the topics, normally I can read a few chapters before needed to take a break just to give my eyes a rest. It’s making me a little bit worried about classes; if it’s this hard to focus already, how am I going to deal with that when studying for tests or doing labs? Or even just taking notes during lectures?

I’m really not sure why I’m feeling so crappy today. It’s not the weather because it’s actually really nice out now (cool enough to need a hoodie), been getting lots of sleep. It could be the medications, we’ll see how I feel once I’m done with them.

I’m tempted to take a muscle relaxer for my legs, but my stomach is bad enough right now. I have to take pepto before meds in the morning and chase them with cough drops because the heartburn and indigestion are so bad. I need a break from the pills so my stomach can recover, but I’m not going to stop a course of antibiotics until it’s finished, and there’s no way I can deal with the TN pain. Once the antibiotic is done I’m going to take at least a week with no pills at all if I can hack it.


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