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July 23, 2011

As in spoiled rotten. Which is what I plan to be today.

I still have my lovely TN aura (a lot of pressure on my cheekbone that goes up behind my eye and down into my teeth a bit) but it’s nothing compared to the shocks of pain so it’s not bothering me. The shocks did come back full force last night though so ya, that was fun. On with the tegretol! the more it builds up in my bloodstream the better, but won’t be overusing it. If I end up on it permanently it will be because Dr. Kickass tells me to do it. I have noticed something I don’t like though; a whole friggin lot of twitching. Last night it was a bit hard to fall asleep because I had so many twitches and spasms in my legs, stomach, arms, and face. Not sure if that was just a coincidence or not. It’s quieted down a bit today, and once I was out last night, I was slept like a rock. A little bit of a headache today and some deep muscle cramps and spasms in my thighs, but rest and cold are taking care of those. Some constantly aching muscles, but nothing I can’t just push through and ignore. I’ve felt better, but I’ve felt way worse.

The What is TN? page is up, and I’ll probably end up adding more to it as time passes. I’m not doing anything else today that can be considered productive though. Fridays and Saturdays are my weekends, and since Friday sucked hard, I’m going to spoil myself today. A pedicure, junk food, good movies and even better video games. It’s still really hot out, so I’m going to hermit myself away in the AC. The most work I plan on doing today is folding the laundry.


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