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I am in agony and hate the local ER

July 22, 2011

Well the TN attacks would not stop. I’ve had constant pain since about noon I think. I called the clinic Dr. Kickass works at and no answer. Then it dawned on me: they’re on holidays this week. So I called my GP Dr. Fabulous. She’s booked solid this week, soonest I could get in was next Tuesday. Cannot wait that long, so I went to the ER.

Ugh….what a reminder of how low the level of health care is here. I told the triage nurse I have trigeminal neuralgia and explained the situation with my prescription for tegretol. She didn’t seem to know what TN is. I had to correct her as she was writing in my chart; no it’s not neuropathy, it’s neuralgia. I guarantee you if I did not know what TN is and hadn’t been diagnosed, she would have assumed I was after painkillers and sent me out, labelling me a drugseeker. She was trying to get more information out of me to figure out what TN is. She wanted to know what causes it. I told her it may be caused by MS. That shut her up and made her take me seriously.

Waited for about an hour and a half in the waiting room. The pain would start to go away, then some bugger would grab a fist full of snacks from the vending machine and the sound of their change hitting the bottom of the machine trigger more pain. I moved further away from the machine, and found myself under an air duct. Thankfully it wasn’t blowing out the AC constantly. I was so ready to snap on everyone in the ER. People wearing patient bracelits but laughing. People shoving their face full of junk food. A mom looking annoyed about being in the ER in the first place and furiously scratching away at lottery tickets, ignoring her child that needed stitches. I just curled up in a corner and tried not to cry. I had my stressball in my purse and was squeezing the living hell out of it.

The ER doctor…ugh. He questioned my diagnosis. “Well how do you know you have it?” I was diagnosed by my neurologist. “Uh huh ya….and uh who exactly is that?” Dr. Kickass in Big City Hospital. “And what makes you guys think it’s TN?” …uhh….I was diagnosed and might have MS, which can cause TN. “Well how do you know it’s not an infection? Have you seen a dentist?” No, I haven’t seen a dentist but I know it’s not an infe… “Well why haven’t you seen a dentist?” *irked at being cut off* Because I have no insurance. “Uh huh…”

He then does the most piss poor neurological exam I have ever seen and walks out.

He comes back a few seconds later with his prescription pad.

“Ok well I guess I’ll give you the tegretol and a round of antibiotics incase it’s an infection. See a dentist”

What part of NO INSURANCE didn’t you quite get, doc? Ugh….anyway…at least I got the prescription. My mom is off getting it filled for me right now, I’m praying it works.

I gotta say though, I’m happy they didn’t go “OH! neurological problem! let’s call the neurologist!” I would have lost it if they did that. The only neuro in town is Dr. Quack, and knowing him he’s probably off on vacation yet again.

So now I’ve got to take antibiotics twice a day for 10 days despite no proof of an infection, and have a month’s work of tegretol. If that doesn’t last me until the MRI appointment, I’ll see my GP before the prescription runs out to hopefully get another one from her until I see Dr. Kickass.

I don’t like going behind a doctor’s back like this, I want her to know everything that is going on, but I had no choice. All I can do is hope it works and hope there isn’t a long wait for it to get filled. That and hope the lazy bitch pharmacist isn’t in today (my pharmacist retired recently, and has been replaced with a total asshat. She stalls on filling scripts, even if they are freakin inhalers, tells you to come back hours later, then when you go back, she still hasn’t done it and tells you once again to come back hours later. If you have a problem with that, she tells you off and tells you to take your business elsewhere. Professional, huh?)

God…and this is where I’ll be doing my clinicals again in a few years. I really hope they up their game and get a hell of a lot of inservice training before then. The last clinical there was a nightmare.


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