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July 20, 2011

Wanted to be up with 2 hours to spare so I could make a big breakfast, get myself all purdied up, all that stuff. Didn’t hear the alarm through the AC (see? AC is evil) so I slept through those 2 hours. Oops.

So now I’ve got about an hour to get ready to go. Will grab breakfast on the way up to the hospital. Popped onto the blog cause I couldn’t remember the dates when I had that face pain and various symptoms. Flipped through a notebook to find a blank page to write it all done on, had to flip through a bunch of stupid little notes I’ve left for myself over the past little while. Stupid things like “laundry is still in the dryer, keys are in outside pocket of purse”, “don’t forget to wash the dishes after breakfast.” How pathetic is that? I’m twenty-freakin-four, I shouldn’t have to leave notes like that for myself.

So if I have an hour to get ready and I’m still sitting here in my PJs, what the hell am I doing updating my blog? Well, I don’t want to get ready to leave. I don’t want to leave, period. A particular friend was once again helpful in taming my anxiety last night. Since I’m on my own right now, I need some time to just listen to some music that will get me ready to fight whatever the hell this is. Trying to stay positive…

Ok, time to get ready…after this song.


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