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Hey guys, guess what?

July 20, 2011

Thank. Freaking. God.

It’s also not a B12 deficiency or thyroid problems. All my blood tests was normal. We confirmed trigeminal neuralgia and decided on a course of action for that (will be getting a prescription for Tegretol for that during my next appointment. Holding off on the script for now because it’s pretty much resolved itself for now so hopefully I shouldn’t need it for a while. If I need it before I see her again, I’ll call her and see if she can fax a prescription to a local pharmacy for me. I have had a few shocks of pain since I got home but they aren’t as intense, about an 8 as opposed to a 10 out of 10, and it’s not constant so I’m fine for now). And yes, I did tell her that I tried smoking weed to control the pain; she didn’t say a peep about it, no judgemental looks, just nodded in understanding. Now onto the biggy: the MRI results.

Refresher: I had my MRI done on May 13th. And I just got the results today. Seriously, what a joke…anyway. So I had my head scanned, they didn’t send her the images but they did send the report which saaaiiiiidd…..


No tumours, no evidence in the brain of MS. I almost jumped out of my chair when she said that, I was ready to cry out of joy. I realize that this doesn’t entirely rule it out yet, but like she said, it’s less likely MS now. She’s ordered an MRI of my spine (which will be done at big city hospital where she is, cervical spine and thoracic incase you’re wondering) and an ultrasound of my bladder to try to figure out what is going on with that stupid organ. The most likely culprit now is a bad case of fibromyalgia. Β For that, she wants to try a mild antidepressant to help control the pain and my sleep (since the two are closely related with that condition). Again, we’re holding off on that prescription until my next visit (just to be on the safe side). So now, I’m just waiting for a call from the imaging department of the hospital to set up those appointments, then I will call her clinic and set up an appointment for the same day (I’m hoping to get both tests done on the same day just to avoid a second trip, but we’ll see. I won’t be heartbroken if I had to go two more times). As I was leaving, I told her that she just gave me the best day I’ve had in a long time. That seemed like it made her day a bit.

Now, this leads to an interesting question. What about my MS support groups? I will continue with one of them for sure since these two diseases feel so similar and I thoroughly enough looking through studies and such to find information for people. I will most definitely be keeping the links up for the MS society and because they are amazing, wonderful tools and I want anyone that should happen to visit who has MS to be able to find those resources easily. I will also be contacting the local chapter of the MS society to see if they need any volunteers. The MSers in the MS is BS support group on facebook (run by Matt, the link to his blog is in my links) have been wonderful to me. I have been shown a tremendous kindness by MS patients through all of this and it will never be forgotten and I will repay that kindness through continuing on with the MS is BS support group to help those looking for information, volunteer work with the MS society if any positions are open, and potentially by specializing in caring for MS patients once I finish nursing school. I’m also looking forward to going back to volunteering in first aid (I miss it so much!) I cannot thank my MSers enough; thank you for making me laugh my head off when I was feeling my worst, letting me know that I’m not alone, and being living proof that you can kick the hell out of anything your body throws at you.

I feel so good right now. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I was so scared that I was going to be told to piss off if nothing showed up my MRI, but the amazing Dr. Kickass is still batting for me. We have a battle plan in place now, and I’m just thrilled. Over the next few days I will be changing things up a wee bit on my blog; I will be updating the About Me section, and I will be adding new sections as well. The “What Is MS?” section will be finished and yes, it will be staying. I will also be adding similar pages on fibromyalgia and trigeminal neuralgia.

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic day. Keep swinging, you’re bound to hit something eventually πŸ˜‰


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  1. Krausie permalink

    πŸ™‚ I’m glad that there was some news, even if it’s not all positive it’s still good to have information and finally be able to say “this is what we know.” instead of “this is what we think.” I do hope all the other procedures go well and can finally figure out everything 100% and can start working on treatement and finding the best ways to “deal.”

    *big hugs*

    – Krausiepantz.

    • I’m seeing it all as pretty damn positive so it’s all good with me πŸ˜› but ya it is definitely good to be able to say “thats what this is and this is how i can treat it” for the TN. will be nice to get the rest of the tests done and confirm which one it is and start managing it πŸ™‚ *hugs* thanks hun

  2. Yay for news! I didn’t have any lesions on my brain in my first MRI. Most of mine are cervical and thoracic. Fibromyalgia is no joke but it can be cured. I’ve know people to cure it through diet. It’s one of the reasons I want to become a nutritionist (along with helping people with MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis).
    I hope you get more answers & continue to feel better! πŸ™‚ (and just a tid bit of advice for anyone with an inflammatory disease: avoid eating all nightshades! You will feel so much better!)

    • That’s what worries me the most about all this. Everyone is getting very “yay its not ms” but it still could be. Could just be spinal lesions, like in your case, could be that they won’t show without contrast. I’m going to ask dr kickass about that next time I see her. I’m really weary of natural suppliments and attempting diets to cure diseases, especially when the mechanism and cause of the illness aren’t understood like with fibro. My dad has had it for years, has tried various diets and suppliments, but the diets never worked. His fibro is well managed now with meds and a few suppliments though.
      I hate this being stuck between two illnesses. Its like…I understand how both of them feel but I don’t belong to either group, you know? Very lonely place to be. I know quite a few MSers get misdiagnosed with fibro at first so that worries me too. I think the only thing that will take that worry away if it is fibro is the spinal mri, a brain mri with contrast, and fibro meds that work. I’d much rather it be fibro obviously even though there is still such a massive stigma with it (too many people don’t think its real) because as far as we know it doesn’t cause permanent damage like ms, and because treatment would cost less. I figured with my student health care covering most of my prescription costs, I’d still have to pay $1000 at least out of pocket per month just for a dmd. No way a broke ass student can afford that.
      Oh well…a few more months and ill get my second mri. Hopefully the mystery will end there. I’m just so tired of it all, especially tired of managing symptoms entirely on my own

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