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Day 3 ugh

July 15, 2011

So it’s the third day with this stupid pain. I took a very strong sleeping pill last night before bed and it kinda screwed me up. It took an hour to fall asleep and I woke up a few times throughout the night. The pain went down considerably though. Unfortunately it seemed to make my jaw clenching and teeth grinding worse. So, I popped in my mouthguard aaand….it made my teeth sensitive. That doesn’t happen everytime I wear it, and the nights when it doesn’t cause that it is extremely helpful.

Today is a bit better in some ways. The pain is not constant. I had some really bad jaw pain when I woke up from grinding my teeth but ibuprofen took care of that. The shocks of pain I’m getting up my face are really intense though. Anything cool touching my face (even a breeze) causes a shock. For the most part though the shocks are random and happen for no apparent reason.

I’m going to avoid doing anything for this as long as I can today. Just let it run it’s course. This is the first time since it started that it wasn’t a constant pain, so who knows, maybe it’s going away?


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