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Trigeminal Neuralgia

July 14, 2011

Figured an update was in order after that last post.
Still have pain in my face. It’s not as intense, though certain triggers do sent it back to the unbelievable torment it was last night (ex: sucking on any of the teeth on the top left side or a cool breeze touching left side of my face). I have tried an rediculous amount of things to get rid of pain, most of them home treatments for toothaches, and SURPRISE, they do nothing really. My jaw was clenched all night as I tried to sleep so on top of this pain, I had extra jaw pain from bruxism.

Before going over what I’ve tried, I want to make something extremely clear:


*ahem* now then, onto what I’ve tried:

Cold compress on cheek (result: PAAAAIN)

Warm compress on cheek (result: PAAAAAIIIIINNN)

Salt water rinse (result: none, intense pain if water was too hot or too cold)

Mouthwash (result: mild surface numbing, I suspect because of the alcohol, no relief of deep pain)

Sensitivity toothpaste (result: PAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIN)

Biting down on a damp room temp teabag (result: PAAAAAAAAAIN)

Crushed aspirin mixed with water to form a paste spread along the gums (result: PAAAAAIN though it was a distraction because it BURNED LIKE CRAZY and helped take my attention off the shocks of deep pain in my face)

Ibuprofen (high doses, result: mild pain relief. Can still sense deep pain though it doesn’t cover as large of an area)

Acetamenophen (high doses, result: no effect)

Methocarbamol combined with acetamenophen (high doses, result: relaxing of jaw muscles, no pain relief)

Vodka rinse (not swallowing alcohol, just swishing it around the mouth, result: mild surface numbing, again, because of the alcohol I suspect, but no deep pain relief)

Now onto the reason for the little blurb about illegal activity in the disclaimer.

Last night I smoked some weed to try to relieve the pain. It barely worked at all and with everything else it caused, it was not worth it. It brought down the area of pain, but I definitely still felt it in my cheekbone (when the pain is brought down to a minimum, it still feels like a sharp shock of pain just below my cheekbone going up nearly to my eye). It was a horrible experience.

I could barely move voluntarily. My entire body went into twitches and painful spasms. I had intense vertigo, felt like I was going to throw up for a long time. The urge to pee was intense; it felt like I was about to lose control of my bladder constantly but I could not get anything out. I cannot describe how intense and painful the spasms and twitches were…they were everywhere. From my face right down to my toes. It took an extreme amount of concentration to get up and walk to my bed. I had to drag myself to get my entire body to move at some points. I was answering questions logically, I was fully alert mentally. That had to be the worst part of it all. I had no control over my body and was totally aware of it. It was like having a seizure and knowing everything that is going on as it happens. It was like being at the worst point in a relapse all over again.

Needless to say, I will be avoiding doing that for as long as humanly possible. I’ve been thinking about what could have caused this, and I think I can pin this on the end of a period. I did have bad symptoms the week before it started, and now that its ending I’m having this flareup. So, I’m hoping this won’t last more than a few days.

It does not hurt to chew now or to drink as long as it’s room temperature, so I managed to get a little bit of food in me today (a few bites of poutine and about a tablespoon of pudding). I’ve been keeping either mouthwash or vodka in my mouth almost constantly. If I wait too long to get more in my mouth the pain comes back so damn quickly and so intense (after about 5 minutes it starts to hurt again). That’s fine for now but no idea what I will do tonight (afterall, can’t fall asleep with liquid in my mouth). I’m going to be taking a stronger than usual sleeping pill tonight, so that combined with the alcohol rinse, hopefully I will get a good nights sleep (will also be wearing my mouthguard to bed tonight). I’m hoping that this is gone by the morning, because I desperately need to go out and get grocheries (*pfft, who needs toilet paper*) so I am hoping I can do that in the morning or late afternoon.

Now then, this has happened before. Many many many moons ago, before the possibility of MS crept into the picture. The pain was horrifying and I had booked an emergency appointment with a dentist. But, I never went to the dentist because the pain went away on it’s own. If this isn’t gone in 4 days, I will book an emergency appointment just for safe measure. Afterall, an abcess does not go away on it’s own and can be extremely dangerous. I know now that this is trigeminal neuralgia, and I’m almost certain it’s being caused by the fluctuation in my hormones (I’ve also got some fatigue, twitches, and cog fog), but there is the chance that is a dental infection that is triggering it and making things worse (I’m extremely doubtful of this because the pain is quite different from an abcess and for me, ibuprofen worked for that, and its not doing much for this). Either way, I will be having quite a long conversation about this with Dr. Kickass next week. I have never had any surgeries at all in my entire life, but if medications do not work to get this under control, I will gladly have my nerve cut or have microvascular decompression done.

At least now I can touch my face without intense pain and I can blow my nose again (last night, while I was crying hysterically and getting all yummy and snotty, if I blew my nose, the pressure from that cause horrible intense pain). I rewatched a video on youtube that was helpful. While the pain is not quite the same as hers, it was just helpful to see someone else go through the pain and come out fine at the end of it. I know this will go away, but waiting to overcome it is an absolute nightmare.


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