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Make it stop

July 13, 2011

Was a perfect day. A bit of rain here and there keeping it nice and cool out. Slept in, had a great morning. Went for ice cream with family and ran around the yard with my sister’s dog. And then I accidentally sucked on a tooth.

Here’s the problem….if I touch a certain part of my left cheekbone or suck on any of the top teeth on my left side, it’s like being struck by lightening in my face. The pain does not go away for hours, and nothing OTC does anything for the pain. This happened last night as well and I ended up stayin awake for hours crying waiting for the pain to stop. There’s no swelling in my gums, no infection, no nothing. Just pain. I’ve had an abcess before and it’s not the same kind of pain and the intensity is much worse. I’m not the type to cry over pain. When something hurts I’m the type to stiffle screams while punching something. This pain leaves me in a heap on the floor sobbing like a little kid. It’s been about 2 hours now since this started. My face is going numb which is a good thing. The numbness works its way inward from the top of my head and bottom of my jaw until the left side of my face is completely numb and the pain is gone. Then it feels like my teeth are vibrating for a few hours afterwards. Last night it lasted for about 4 hours.

I don’t understand why this is acting up. My hands were a bit shaky this morning but that’s it. I was fine all day. It’s so friggin intense…I don’t even know how to describe it to make someone who’s never felt it understand…it’s like….imagine you have an abcess, and a dentist drills through the infected tooth without giving you antibiotics or numbing first. They hit the root with their drill, then cram an electrode into it and zap you over and over again while someone squeezes the side of your face.

I’m tempted to go to the ER but I know there is nothing they can do for me. They will just do an xray because they will think it’s an abcess. Once they realize there’s no infection, they’ll either scratch their heads and say “I dunno what it is” or assume I’m just faking it to get narcotics and boot me out. I hate this. Completely, absolutely hopeless until next week and I see Dr. Kickass again. I’m hoping she’ll put me on something (not a narcotic, I don’t want a painkiller I want something that’ll stop the trigger) that takes care of this. I can’t live like this.


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