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Getting better?

July 3, 2011

The past couple of days haven’t been the greatest. Could have been a lot worse, but still…I used my cane to get to the fireworks on Canada Day and I had to keep switching sides with it because both legs were hurting so much. It was really hard to stay coordinated and not fall over when I was using the cane in my left hand because of weakness (the cane kept hitting cracks in the sidewalk, making me stumble because I wasn’t lifting it high enough). I took some allergy medication before bed because I had been eaten alive by mosquitos and to see if it would help that weird tickle tingle feeling. It definitely helped both, so for now I’m assuming the tickle-tingle is just a new allergy symptom. It didn’t get rid of the tingle completely but it quieted down enough to let me get to sleep.

Yesterday was horrible though. Everything hurt like crazy, especially my shoulders and arms. My skin was really sensitive too or some reason (it hurt like crazy whenever anything touched my shoulders). I had no energy, but I wasn’t overly foggy. It took me half an hour to work up the energy to bring the garbage out to the curb. When I got back in I got halfway through writing an entry, but I was just so drained that I ended up falling asleep on the couch for an hour and a half. I was slurring and really wobbly all day.

Today isn’t as bad though. I’m not as sore all over though my shoulders are still killing me and the skin is still sensitive. I’ve got much more energy, a bit of a headache which gets worse when I look down (also makes my left arm tingle and makes the tickle-tingle worse around my neck and back of my head). I didn’t get any cleaning done yesterday and my family is coming over this afternoon so I have to put that extra energy to work.

I’m getting really frustrated with the weakness on my left side. I’m still working my left side harder than my right but there’s been no improvement at all. I know it’ll take time and I just need to be patient, it’s just really irking me that I can’t quite take care of everything the way I used to.


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