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Controversial medicine

July 1, 2011

Ok, there’s two topics I’ve been avoiding in this blog but after my ramble about how doctors are not trying to kill you, I may as well dive head first into the shitstorm that is CCSVI and LDN. I try to bite my tongue in support groups when these topics come up but I’m just about ready to explode, so I may as well do it here.

I am against both. The so-called “liberation treatment” has been bullied into trials here, and I’m not happy about it. Nothing good will come of these trials; I will not be surprised if rabid CCSVI trial participants lie about their results (like many of those who went overseas to have it done lie about their results), the CCSVIers will continue to bully until the treatment is completely approved despite lack of evidence, and if the doctors in charge of the trials are honest about the results of the trials proving it is ineffective and dangerous then the CCSVIers will kick, scream, and cry while accusing the doctors of lieing and hiding results so they can “make more money off us being sick”. I’m really REALLY sick of hearing that. If doctors and drug developers wanted to keep everyone sick we wouldn’t have things like the polio vaccine, now would we? Grow the hell up. The problem with these people seems to be the refusal to accept that they are sick. Yes, you are ill. Yes, it definitely sucks hard, but no, it is NOT ANYONE’S FAULT THAT YOU ARE SICK so stop trying to pass the blame onto people that are just trying to help others. These people infest support groups and pick fights with others that don’t agree with their delusion and I’m fed up with it. The doctors, the drug companies, the illness itself, is not the problem here: YOU are the problem. You are spreading hate, misinformation, and pushing away people that are just reaching out for help. And before you get all “oh no it’s not lies, I read an article about a woman that had it done and she was able to walk again”, just don’t even start. For some people it is a temporary solution; the woman you read about in that article? Yes she was walking short distances with a cane for a little while after the surgery, but she did end up back in a wheelchair with a lot less money (lieing by omission). For many people, it does absolutely nothing but drain their bank account and crush them when they realize it was all false hope. But, you don’t hear from those people too often unfortunately, why? Because the pro-CCSVI people scream louder. That’s all.

Now, onto LDN. This one, I really don’t get. I keep seeing fairly intelligent people getting themselves worked into a tizzy over a doctor refusing to prescribe it. The thing is, LDN is not indicated for MS, not even off-label prescribing (it’s for heroin users). This thing has been claimed to cure just about every major illness, including cancer. That is a MASSIVE WARNING SIGN right there: it’s snake oil, nothing more. Nothing cures every illness. People bitch that it’s not being prescribed because it’s cheap; that is not the case. It’s not being prescribed to you BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A HEROIN USER. True that the CRAB drugs (copaxone, rebif, avonex, betaseron) are not necessarily interchangable; copaxone might work for you but not for someone else, but that does not mean that they are ineffective. These drugs have been around for much longer in terms of MS treatment and a lot of people do get relief and even slowing down of the development of lesions with these drugs when they find which one is right for them. Yes these drugs are expensive, but where do you think the funding for researching new treatments comes from? Money doesn’t grow on trees people, and the cost of developing new drugs is insanely expensive and time consuming.

Maybe I should write a book claiming that daily pepperment oil enemas cures MS, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, and cancer. I’m sure someone would fall for it, after all, it’s cheaper than proven treatments and apparently scientific facts don’t matter anymore. Just think of the money I could make and all the false hope and disappointment I could spread! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously people. Get your head out of the clouds.


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  1. Now see, I was all excited for the CCSVI trials to get underway. I’m hoping that the hard facts may come to light that it is NOT a cure for MS and these loud mouthed CCSVIers will finally shut the hell up. Do they really think that we want to be sick and that’s why we are not getting “liberated”?? And I’ve never heard of LDN….going to look that up.

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