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July 1, 2011

Since it’s well after midnight now here

HAPPY CANADA DAY! If you’re boozing it up tonight, please don’t drive.

Now then, onto the reason why I’m writing in this blog at about 2am instead of sleeping: tingles. Tingles that kinda feel like bugs. All over the left side of my body, a bit on the right in some spots (middle of back, just below navel, ear, and top of the front of my right thigh).

I really don’t know how to describe it other than that. It’s not my normal tingly sensation though…it’s kind of like…when you get a hair drop on your skin and it kind of tickles a bit? Kind of like that, but all over and under my skin. It’s driving me nuts. I haven’t been sleeping well lately because of it; I’ve been waking up every few hours and it’s taking forever to fall asleep because of this stupid sensation. I think it might be because of the humidity, that’s all I can really think to blame it on. So I’m tired on top of that, which is making the red hot pins and needles feeling come back with a vengeance. I was out with friends earlier and I kept jumping because of the pins. I’m trying to laugh it off but damnit, it hurts. My left hand is much more numb than usual. Had a bit of eye pain and a headache today as well but ibuprofen took care of the headache so it must have just been from being tired. I really don’t get the eye pain though. The pain is always in my right eye, but my left eye is the weak one that takes forever to focus when I don’t have my glasses on. I’m having a lot of neck pain as well when I look down, and it makes the weird new tingly sensation much more intense and travel up the back of my head and down through my shoulders. I’m not sure if I can call it L’Hermitte’s sign though because it’s definitely not the same as the last time I had it. My hearing is a little bit fuzzy too, which made me remember the second attack I ever had.

It was I think about 2 months after my first attack ended, and I thought it was just a really bad cold that got into my ears (I’ve had that happen a few times, not fun). I had muscle pain, banding around my chest, fatigue, cog fog, shaking, tingling, and I lost the hearing in my left ear for about 3 months. At the time I brushed it off as being a cold despite the lack of sore throat and cough and the fact that cold medication did nothing for my symptoms. I think I really should write up as many attacks as I can remember and bring it to the doctor. The more info she has, the better, right? Couldn’t hurt.

I want to go to the fireworks tomorrow (er…today…tonight…whatever) but I’m not sure if I will. I want to go pop by the first aid post and say hi to some old friends even though it would kinda hurt to do so (I miss doing all the first aid stuff so much). I don’t want to be sitting at home doing nothing when there’s a big celebration going on a few blocks away, but I don’t want to end up feeling worse too. If I go (it also depends on how my ready-to-pop-pregnant friend is feeling too) I think I’m going to bring my cane just incase I need it. On extremely hot days or when I’ve barely had any sleep I have been using it a bit to get around the house. As soon as I can afford it I’m going to get a collapsible cane though, it’s just easier to carry around if I can stick it in my purse or bookbag when I don’t need it, and it’ll be nice to have one with me just in case I do end up needing it throughout the day (especially at school since some of the classrooms are insanely hot).

I really wish I could just take a sleeping pill so I can finally get a full sleep but I have to be up early. Hopefully plans get decided early, because if I end up staying home I will be going to bed very, very early.


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