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So yesterday kinda sucked

June 29, 2011

Ugh, what a day. Everything went kinda haywire. Horrible cog fog, I was completely lost most of the time. Twitches, a cramped up foot, muscle pain that got worse the hotter it got, fatigue, pins and needles galore, and lots of headaches. When I was walking to the store to meet up with a friend it felt like the back of my leg was being sliced open and the muscle pulled out, it was horrible. It wasn’t a far walk either. My eyesight was kinda blurry too, not sure if that’s temporary again or if I need new glasses already since it’s not improving.

While the cramps in my foot are gone, my legs are still aching. No improvement in the pins and needles yet, but the fog and headaches are gone. I did plan on getting some furniture moved out of the house today but I think I’ll hold off on that. No sense in moving things around, making myself warm and feeling worse. I’m just going to stick to getting some things organized and conserving my energy for work tonight. I’m keeping up with the exercises for my left leg and arm but I haven’t noticed any improvement yet.


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