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June 27, 2011

It’s been a few days so I figured I would post an update. Been doing fairly good. Still kinda numb on my left side and still have some weakness, but I’m working on that. I still get twitches in my arm, leg, and bottom lip when I get too tired. It’s warming up here again so heat is bringing out a few symptoms but thankfully it’s still nice and cool in my house.

The cog fog and forgetfulness are the worst of it all lately. I’m constantly walking into a room and immediately forgetting why I went into that room. I usually write a ton of little notes throughout the day on my phone so I don’t forget anything, but lately I’ve been forgetting to take my phone off bedside mode or even just forget to take it with me (which would lead me to going to the bedroom to get my phone, then forgetting why I went in there and leaving without it). At the worst of it when I was too warm and too tired, I was writing a text message and forgot what the letter J looked like. That was fun. As long as I keep cool and well rested I look normal though and feel pretty good (besides the permanent left sideded numbness and weakness). I’m finding that I get really easily agitated when I get warm and get really frustrated trying to do simple things (like today, I was trying to take a bubble wand out of a container of bubbles and I had to hand it off to someone else because I was so frustrated I wanted to throw the thing). What else…I plan on buying a new thermometer soon so I can keep track of just how much of a difference in body temperature starts to bring out symptoms.

I haven’t been doing the greatest in terms of diet but I’m changing that today. It’s ok to take a few days off from a diet though every now and then if you’re not doing it to lose weight (I’m rationalizing, I know). I’m not normally a nap person but I’ve adjusted my sleep patterns a bit and have gotten used to having a nap here and there without feeling sick and groggy from it. That has definitely helped boost my energy levels quite a bit. Still chugging along in the attempt to quit smoking *AGAIN*. I’ve cut down a fair amount but haven’t started using the nicotine lozanges again yet.

I have been slacking a bit in the comic strip department. I’ve got a ton of them started, but I keep getting distracted by ideas for new comics and starting new sketches before finishing any of the old ones. I have quite a few on the go right now and have no idea which one I’ll finish first, but I hope to have the first one up by the end of the night. My computer room is littered with drawings and I really need to get all my scribblings organized.

Yaaaa I suck. No comics tonight, sorry!


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