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Rehab and sketches

June 24, 2011

In light of the thorough exam I got during my visit to the new neurologist, I’m starting to work out a new exercise plan. Now that I’m in remission, I’m going to start doing more intense exercises and get back into weight lifting and hopefully soon, jogging (maybe even take my bike out for a spin soon). I’m looking at getting some ankle weights and such and start focusing a lot on my left arm and leg. I want to try to regain some strength on that side and maybe even get back to the way I was before the last relapse/attack/whatever you want to call it. I’m going to start out slow with the jogging, just starting out with walks around the neighbourhood in the morning or after dinner then build up from there. Since my foot is still dragging a bit when I walk and I can’t lift a full coffee pot with my left hand without a lot of shaking and having to support the pot with my other hand, any improvement will be great. Once all my fees are paid up for the semester, I’ll be able to use the gym at school too, so I’ll be making use of that this time around.

I hammered out a few sketches for some comics and I’ve now got a much clearer idea of how I’m going get them done. I’m going to work on backgrounds tomorrow and start filling in colours. What else…I stopped talking magnesium because it was just upsetting my stomach. Just sticking to the B12 and vitamin D from now on.


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