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June 14, 2011

Feel like garbage today. Lots of numbness, tons of tingles, migraine all day, stiff and sore legs, spasms in legs, major fatigue, pins and needles, dry skin feeling like it’s wet, and all the cold stuff (throat still hurts, was up kinda late cause I was just coughing all the time but nothing is coming up anymore, feels like I have a rock stuck in my bronchial tree). Still feel cold all the time. Things are getting moved around and retagged in this blog cause I want to make things more streamlined. Working on a what is MS section (^up there, next to the “about me” section) because I have a craving for essays for some reason. Had a nightmare last night about seeing the new neuro and her pretty much telling me to F off. I know it won’t be like that, but I guess waiting over a month for MRI results drives you a lil batty. Trying to reorganize everything for that appointment so things are arranged by relapse but… it’s been 8 years, I can’t remember every little detail of every single relapse (ex: I know the first one involved numbness, tremor, and fatigue, muscle pain, and what year it was, but no idea how long it lasted, that kind of thing). Trying to focus but my head is just killing me. What else….caved and took some ibuprofen this morning with the vitamins, got a bit of indigestion from it but nothing too bad. Didn’t do too much for my legs, took the edge off a bit, but still hurts. God my head is killing me…it’s so friggin hard to concentrate, it hurts to keep my eyes open and everything is kind of hazy. I hate this. It’s beautiful outside, a nice cool breeze but sunny. It’s too sunny though…the second I step foot outdoors it feels like my head is going to explode, it’s just too bright. I need to invest in some contact lenses so I can wear my sunglasses again. I think I’m going to need a nap after dinner. As long as I wake up in time for work it’ll be fine.

Oh… if you try to comment on something, it won’t show up right away. Was getting a lot of spam and some really stupidly aggressive hate messages, so all comments must be approved by me before they show up. Needless to say, spammers, hate-filled morons, and whatnot: don’t bother commenting, it’ll be deleted before anyone sees it.

HA! and now I’ve got my 50 millionth stye. No reason for it, but I guess my body decided it should make me feel like I was punched in the face, just because. That’s it, I’m sealing myself in bubblewrap or something.


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