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June 13, 2011

Well, first of all thank you for stopping by and reading. I have no idea why but it turns out today this blog has received it’s highest amount of visitors ever. Maybe the entry on sex is to blame, who knows 😛 Either way, thank you!

I’m still feeling pretty rough from this cold. My lungs, head, and throat hurt like crazy but at least now my cough is no longer dry (mmmm, phlegm). Non-cold related symptoms are the usual numbness in my fingers and back of my hand, left half of my tongue and roof of my mouth, lips, and some banding around my left wrist. I’m extremely tired but I’m blaming that on the cold.

Since I have my appointment at th MS clinic next week (still can’t believe it’s next week!) I’m trying to look into different disease modifying drugs so if it does go that route and I end up prescribed something, I’ll have a decent idea of what I’m getting into. It’s tricky though. It’s rediculous how hard it is to find information on this drugs that aren’t pretty much advertisements. All I want is detailed information on the chemical makeup of the drugs, studies on their effectiveness, that kind of thing. I don’t care if some racecar driver thinks copaxone is the bee’s knees, or a mother of three prefers to shoot up with rebif.

I’m still writing up a full history for the neurologist. It’s just a rough draft of random notes so far but it’s already two pages long. I’m trying to keep it short, but I think I’m going to have to abandon that and just go all out. This thing is going to be looooong….

Still taking the vitamins everyday. So far I’ve only forgotten them one day and just ended up taking them later than usual. Hard to say if they’re having any impact on my symptoms since I was already starting to get better before I started taking them. Either way, I haven’t had any negative side effects so I’ll keep taking them and get the neurologist’s opinion.


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  1. Good luck on the drug research….. I’m fortunate to have an awesome Neurologist who broke it down for me and gave me options. I ended up choosing Rebif because of what I talked about with my Neuro, not because of anything else. I hope you like your MS doc. It makes a HUGE difference. And good on you for writing up a history. That will save loads of time. I wrote a list of symptoms before I went in and I think it helped speed up the process.
    What vitamins do you take (or what post did you write about them in)? I’ve tried different ones and have finally (I think) settled into the ones that I want to stick with.

    • well, from what I’ve read so far if something showed up on the MRI so she can diagnosis it as clinically isolated syndrom (not my first relapse but its the first one thats been documented by a doctor) I could get put on either copaxone or betaseron. If I had to choose, I guess I would go with betaseron unless the doctor felt copaxone would be better for me (I don’t mind having to mix it, I’d rather mix it then have my little brother accidentally pull a needle out of the fridge and poke himself in the eye with it or something lol). right now I’m taking 25 mcg of vitamin D3, 50 mcg of B12, and 50 mcg of magnesium, but I think I’m going to cut out the magnesium starting tomorrow.
      writing up my history is proving to be quite challenging. I think I’m just really going to focus on the latest relapse and just list as many symptoms from previous relapses as I can remember. I honestly can’t really tell how many there have been now, but it has been a lot more than I previously thought and that is kinda scarey…I’ve read really good things about this doctor and it seems she’s dedicated her entire career to MS so that is definitely encouraging.

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