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Splashy splashy

June 8, 2011

Well it’s officially over 40C here, hopefully it’s cooler wherever you happen to be. If you’re in an area experiencing psycho heat like I am, please stay indoors as much as possible, wear a lot of sunscreen, and drink water by the bucket. If you aren’t running an air conditioner, keep some fans going, your blinds or curtains closed, and your windows closed (crack them open at the top if it gets hot in your place). Tomorrow morning, open up those windows to let the cool air in, but make sure you shut them before noon.

I was out running errands for about half an hour, and I ended up getting a bit of the claw again (when my fingers curl into a fist and my hand gets all stiff and I can’t open it). It wasn’t too bad this time, once I started to cool off at home I could open it again but my hand still feels weak. I also ended up with lots of numbness in my hands and legs, tremor, migraine, and slurred speech. A friend is going to be dropping by later with their wee one, so I’m going to fill up the kiddie pool so the little booger can splash around. I’m going to be hiding in the shade and keeping my feet in the pool to stay cool, and have a good round of ice packs ready in the freezer if I need them. Actually…I think I might throw some damp cloths in the freezer as well. The friend that is coming is very pregnant so she’s going to just be boiling by the time she gets here…don’t want anything to happen to the little bean in her belly, so I’ll have plenty of cold compresses and freezies ready for when they get here.

I’m really not sure why I said that I have this day off in my last post. I don’t, I work tonight….maybe I was thinking that I have the morning off? Either way, I clearly chose the wrong words in my last entry. I’m just hoping things cool down before I leave tonight.

Now, about those symptom logs I mentioned. When it comes to symptoms and sleep, no problems, I know exactly what to include. It’s the diet part that is throwing me off. I’ve never kept track of my diet (I’m one of those lucky buggers with really good genes, so I just eat and eat and don’t really gain much weight) so I’m not too sure what to include. I’ve never counted calories or anything like that…I’m getting some ideas though, I’ll write up a draft and see how it works. If you have any suggestions about what to include in any of them, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll work it in. I’m also working on a really sensitive entry (sexual dysfunction) so hopefully that will be up soon.


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