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Another hot day (also, BRAAAIIIINS)

June 7, 2011

Hi everyone, hope you’re well.

It’s another very hot and humid day so I haven’t been feeling the greatest. I’m staying indoors and infront of a fan as much as possible (I hold off on putting in my air conditioner for as long as possible because it’s an energy hog). So far throughout today and yesterday I’ve had migraines that felt like an icepick going through the side of my head (as opposed to through my eye), extreme pressure in the back of my right eye that causes a great deal of pain and blurred vision, stiff aching muscles in my legs, some facial twitching, upset stomach, and a bit of cog fog. My sleep schedule got mixed up and I’ve been going to bed at about 5 am the past few days so I’m going to try to fix that tonight. Good ol’ numbness and tingling are still sticking around. Despite all that though I’m in a pretty good mood.

My lavender is about to bloom, I accidentally found out more about my new neurologist’s qualifications and I’m very impressed and looking forward to seeing her, I can control my symptoms by managing my triggers, and I’m going to a BBQ this weekend for a friend’s adorable daughter’s birthday (will get to see some people I haven’t seen in a very long time there, will be a good time). I think my muse is starting to finally wake up again too because I have an incredible urge to paint. I have a few canvases that I did backgrounds for but never finished, so I think I’m going to have some fun with those tonight (will post pics if they turn out).

Since I’m off tonight and tomorrow, I get to spend the night relaxing. It’s going to be nice to just paint, indulge in some junk food, and watch a few movies. I’m still not entirely happy with the layout of this blog, so I might try brushing up on some HTML skills and get this thing organized the way I want it. I’m also trying to figure out an easy to use layout for a symptom tracking excel spreadsheet that I can keep on my phone and computer. If I get a decent enough template, I’ll post it.

Take care!


Update: Not the best quality pic because I had to use my webcam to take it, but I did get a painting done that I’m quite happy with:



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  1. If you do come up with a symptom tracker of some sort, please do share! I try to use my blog as a journal but I don’t write everyday. I want to start keeping track along with a food log. I’m really noticing that what I eat seriously affects how I feel. What are your triggers? I haven’t made any direct connections to my symptoms other than possibly food……

    • I think I’m going to end up doing 3 separate logs (symptoms, food, and sleep) because there is just so much to keep track of, a single log would be massive and complicated. I’m not entirely sure what to put in the food log since I’ve never really kept track of my diet. I will definitely post them once I get them finished though.
      The only triggers I’ve been able to pinpoint so far as heat, humidity, and stress. I haven’t noticed any foods that trigger anything, though when I’m already sick because of a trigger or a relapse my lactose intolerance gets much much worse.

  2. Heat and stress definitely make my symptoms worse and I’m starting to notice certain foods too. The other night a ate a load of sugar right before bed and I woke up cog foggy and extra stiff. I also have more energy when I eat less bread and more veggies. I’m still trying to connect everything and I think I need three logs too. I am fortunate that I sleep well most nights. The body heals during sleep and I can’t imagine trying to function sleep-deprived…..

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