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Smells like something is burning…

June 5, 2011

Good morning,

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now I’m feeling recharged. I’m still having a bit of a hard time using the scroll pad on my computer (I don’t notice when I have two fingers resting on the pad, so instead of scrolling I just end up resizing windows) but oh well, that’s what a USB mouse is for. I did end up doing something really stupid yesterday though because of the numbness in my hands. When I was poking around at the campfire and putting more wood on, I noticed one of the bricks around the pit had fallen off, so I picked it up and started fiddling around with it trying to get it back into the right spot. My fingers started to feel a little warm and when I let go of the brick a little bit of skin came off my thumb. The brick was much hotter than it felt to me, so I accidentally burned myself. I’ve really got to be more careful. The numbness is so weird…I can feel really intense sensations after a length of exposure (mainly heat, I don’t seem to feel cold as much) but usually by the time I start to feel the warmth, I’ve already burned myself. Oops. I also ended up with a lot of thorns stuck in my hands from picking up brush to use as kindling and didn’t notice until I went to wipe the dirt off my hands and started bleeding. I’ve been so concerned about my feet I guess I just neglected my hands (been worried about stepping on something sharp and not noticing because of the numbness, then having to deal with an infection). I’m going to have my keep a closer eye on my numb spots.

I was keeping up with a symptom journal in a notebook, but I’m really hating how it’s turned out. It’s very technical and detached. I’m going to switch to just using microsoft word so I have more room to get into details and can use a speech recognition program if I have to. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing but aren’t sure what to include, here’s what I’m including in mine:

Symptoms, time of day it started, what I was doing when it started, what I was doing when it went away, meals, changes in physical condition (ex: colds, flus, mensturation), sleep (quality, length), stress levels, OTC medications (what, how much, why, did it work, side effects), pretty much everything. I’m trying to figure out if there is some sort of pattern going on here that I haven’t noticed before and see if there are some triggers that I’m not quite catching for some reason (foods maybe, who knows). This journal isn’t so much for doctors as it is for me. If any of the doctors want a copy I can write a summary of it for them.  It’s a little tough trying to describe the symptoms some times (especially when I’m having a hard time finding words) but hopefully it will pay off. If you’re dealing with any sort of chronic illness, diagnosed or not, I suggest you do the same.



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