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Pick me a winner *language*

June 2, 2011

Today has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I got to sleep in, and the weather cooled off dramatically throughout the night (actually need a sweater now because it’s so cool out) so that has helped me sooo much. The only thing that was wrong with me this morning and early afternoon was a bit if aching in one of my legs. Nothing I couldn’t shrug off though so I was feeling really happy. I felt pretty much normal besides that one pain, it was great. I got my F.U.M.S. bundle in the mail today too:
F.U.M.S. Bundle

All was well. Then dr. quack’s secretary called to return the messages I left.

“Hello, this is dr. quack’s office calling”
“Oh, hi”
“Ya umm…dr. quack is on holidays until tuesday and we don’t have your MRI results”
“Ya, we don’t have the results..oh wait a minute, I’m getting the fax right now, we JUST got them in now” (**NOTE: there was dead silence in the background, she was not receiving a fax)
“Uh huh, ya really…”
“Yup, well uh your family doctor is Dr. Fabulous right?”
“Yes she is”
“Ok and she’s in the ‘we-have-doctor-fabulous-clinic right?”
“Yes she is”
“Ok well I’ll fax the report right over to her then, ok? But dr quack won’t be in until Tuesday so you’ll get the results from him after then”
“Uhh…..ok…I guess…bye”

Something about that didn’t feel right. Nevermind the fact that this doc with few patients can afford to take a vacation every single month it seems, why was she faxing the results to my GP? By the time I could get in to see my GP for the results, dr quack would be back from holidays and really, since he’s the specialist he should be the one reading and interpretting the results and images. Wait a minute…the images. You can’t fax a disc with MRI images on it. What is going on here? I need those images for two reasons. 1) I don’t believe something I can’t see with my own eyes, so for the sake of my own sanity and comfort I want those images and 2) the new neurologist is a freakin MS specialist and researcher. I’m sure she’ll want as much information as she can get and will be far better at interpretting the images than dr quack. So I called the secretary back. I was already annoyed by the fact that she lied about not having the results and just getting them in that second as I was talking to her but I tried to stay civil as long as I could.

“Hi, this is prisoneroftoday”
“Oh…uh hi!” (**NOTE: now I can hear the fax machine in the background, as she’s faxing the report to my GP)
“Ya umm…those MRI results, can you make a copy of the report and the disc for me?”
“We don’t have a disc”
“Ya we don’t have a disc, just the report.”
“Uhh…I need the images and the report”
“Well, he never looks at the disc anyway so we don’t have it” (***NOTE: MRI clinic is extremely efficient and professional. No way they did not send the disc unless he told them not to, or she just flat out threw it out)
“*sigh* Ok…well uh, I need a copy of the report”
“I just faxed it to Dr. Fabulous”
“Uhh huhh….but I’m seeing a new neurologist and I do not have their fax number, so I need a copy of the report to take to them” (***NOTE: this is a lie, I do have their fax. I just had a feeling she wouldn’t give me a copy if it wasn’t to be handed over to a doctor)
“*sigh, grit teeth* Yes, but I need a copy of that report for a different doctor. If you make a copy I can pick it up today and…”
“*groan* Ya…you’re fucking useless” *click*

Did she really think that providing the same response over and over again that didn’t answer the question would satisfy me instead of insult me? And really, saying it slower and louder each time? Geez. There is no need for me to have to see my GP to get the result and have her secretary make a copy of it because this secretary was holding the results in her hands at that moment. All she had to do was swivel her chair around, stick it in a photocopier, and press a button. That’s it, that’s all. But I guess she’s just as lazy as dr quack is.

So, now I’m definitely stuck. I have to make that 4 hour drive to get a second copy of the report and the disc, or hope that the MRI clinic can make a second copy of both and send them directly to the new neurologist (not sure if they can though since the new neurologist isn’t the one that signed the requisition for the test. I will e-mail them about that later but I suspect it will involve me having to sign a waiver, so again I’m stuck with making the 4 hour drive).

If I bang my head against a wall hard enough over and over again will I be able to laugh about this? Cause I’m seriously considering trying.

After all that junk I just snapped. I was so bloody furious. My fingers and face went numb again and I started getting spasms in my shoulders. I’m starting to get some feeling back but now my shoulders and leg are killing me. Gee, nooo, stress isn’t a trigger at allll (sarcasm). At least tonight, I will be able to get that off my mind and have a good time. Going to work in a few hours, then meeting up with a friend who is going to help me set up a new wireless router (because he’s an angel he picked up a new router for me since there were so few of them left in the store, they would have been sold out by the time I got there), then I finally get to play Portal 2. I won’t let that rude little idiot of a secretary ruin my day. I am going to have a fantastic time tonight and knowing that friend, I will be laughing until my stomach hurts.


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