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Wind damage

June 1, 2011

Today has turned out to be a lot cooler than it was expected to be. It’s 31C but the wind is absolutely insane so it feels much cooler (the wind has knocked out the power, broke some of my blinds, and tossed my lawn furniture around). It now seems that things will cool off dramatically over the next few days, so yay! I won’t have to battle against the heat for too much longer.

My hands and legs are taking a beating from the heat though (especially after being a car for a while with no air conditioning). My left wrist started to fold in again like it did the first time I got sent to the ER, but cold and massage has helped straighten it out a bit as well as a cold brace. My thumb is still folded down and really stiff, most of my hand is numb now and really sluggish. I’m starting to be able to straight my thumb out if I try really hard but my hand starts to shake really badly when I do. My fingers are really swollen too. Ice helped get rid of the major cramps I was getting in my legs but I’m still a bit off balance. Only one incident of L’Hermitte’s today and headache is only a bit annoying instead of mind numbingly painful. So far, no spasms.

Now then, someone posted this really neat MS simulation in a support group and I absolutely love it. The typing one made me chuckle a bit because yes, it really is that maddening trying to type like this. I’m wondering how many times I hit the backspace button whenever I write something, maybe I’ll count next time I do an entry.


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