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How the mighty will fall

May 30, 2011

Goooooood morning everyone, hope you’re feeling as good as I am today.
Mind you, that’s feeling good mentally as opposed to physically. I just got off the phone with the college of physicians and surgeons of ontario after browsing through all the legal information on their website. I am in such a good mood because the spiteful side of me is being taken care of.

Here’s the deal: quack neuro is withholding my MRI results. He has not answered his phone since I went for my MRI and has not returned a single call. Since I am legally entitled to obtain a copy of my results, I thought I would look into what exactly it is he is doing wrong. To my delight, he is THIIIIS close to being charged with professional misconduct. If he is on vacation, he has not notified the CPSO. I left him another voicemail this morning to let him know that I will be popping by his office today around noon to pick up my test results. If I go in and he is open, then he legally has to provide me a copy of the results (there is a stipulation of that rules stating that the doctor does not have to provide the results if he thinks it will cause harm to the patient or others, and he may try to claim this one on me, since I am a woman and therefor hysterical and will completely lose my mind upon seeing the results, but thanks to the good doctor in big city ER providing me with his written notes that mention demyelination, that claim is canceled out). If he is not in the office, I will be sending a written letter to his office requesting ALL of my medical records from him (the MRI results, his notes about the “exam” he did, everything). After that, he will have 4 weeks to provide me with the results. If by 6 weeks he has not given me the results, the CPSO intervenes on my behalf and I launch a formal written complaint against him. Besides that, I will be seeing the new neuro within 6 weeks so he will have another doctor on his ass demanding the results. My, that would look good for him, wouldn’t it? Refusing to share the results with not only the patient but another doctor as well?
Keep it up moron, you’re this close to losing your license and never harming another patient ever again through negligence. See you in hell.

I am beyond furious right now. The doctor’s office was locked (of course), with no hours posted, no notice posted saying when the office would be open again (I’m assuming he’s on a holiday AGAIN, hmmm odd for a doc with so few patients to have sooo much money for holiday time, billing fraud perhaps?). I called the MRI place and there is a 30 day period after the test is done before the patient can request a personal copy of the results. While this doesn’t involve a fee, it does involve driving back to the clinic (4 hour trip there and back) and signing a waiver (they cannot mail results to patients because of confidentiality concerns, which is understandable).

Because of that lazy, mysogynistic moron, I have to wait 30 days to receive results he had within 5 days of the test? On what planet is that sane and fair? He’s already denied me diagnosis and treatment for 8 years, which has obviously caused my condition to deteriorate. When this is all said and done, not only will I have filed a professional misconduct complaint against him, I just may be sueing him as well.


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