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*poke poke poke* *scratch scratch scratch*

May 28, 2011

Well, it’s been a puke and heart burn free day so far. I even managed to get a full meal down though the meal was punctuated with shots of pepto, a garbage can was my dining companion (just incase) and most of my meal had been put through a blender. I’m feeling very energetic today though so I’m hoping to get most of the house cleaned. No headache today, but the numbness is covering a lot of area now and the areas that aren’t numb feel like they’re on fire. I don’t get it… yes, I have a ton of allergies that cause rashes and such, but I’m not having any allergic reactions.
The itching is driving me crazy. My skin isn’t dry, I haven’t had any contact with allergens, no mystery rashes anywhere, and even my swollen tattoos have calmed down, but it still feels like I’m being covered in poison ivy. I can’t get the itchiness under control so I guess all I can do is try not to scratch and wait for it to go away (slapping the skin instead of scratching is a bit of a relief, but not as much as scratching). My back is the worst since I can’t reach it.
My stomach is a bit sore, feels like I swallowed a rock, so maybe I just ate a bit too much. I can count the number of muscle spasms I’ve had today on one hand, so that is a massive improvement. The shaking in my hands is so mild now you’d have to know what you’re looking for to notice it. Decided to not space out the vitamins, so I’m now taking D3, magnesium, and B12 every day and am working on a diet plan to include more fish and other good things. I’m also trying to figure out a new plan to quit smoking again, but I’m waiting on that one until I’m feeling better (last thing I need right now is nicotine withdrawl. I quit cold turkey last time and it was an absolute nightmare).

I did some nosing around last night and those rate my doctor type sites and looked up my new neurologist. Normally these sites are full of negativity, afterall, the only time people tend to put any energy into publicly reviewing a doctor is when they are extremely unhappy with how they were treated. To my surprise, everything I found was about 95% positive. I’m going to write up a really thorough list of every symptom I can remember since these relapses started and give that to her during the first visit because well, there is just not enough time in a single appointment to cover everything and I’m sure I’ll forget something. I want to start off on a good foot with this doctor and show her everything I’ve tried to help myself (usually, if the doctor is aware that you are doing everything you can to help yourself, they’ll react more positively to your situation) so I’ve got a lot of writing ahead of me.


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