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Time for a new look

May 26, 2011

Good morning, how are you doing today? I’m still doing pretty good. No cane, still wobbly, not as twitchy though I am getting kind of a cramping pain every now and then in my legs (I’m chalking that up to over use though for now). Bit of a headache still and some flashes of light, but, still walking on my own so I’m happy. I didn’t really realize it until this morning but my sense of taste and smell were impaired and are starting to come back (it was sooo nice to make a nice big breakfast again, I’m stuffed!) Numbness and tingling are still there but oh well.

Something kind of odd hapened last night. I was just sitting here doing some work on my laptop and looked down to make sure I was hitting the right spot on the scrollpad and just…wow. What an intense pain. It felt like I was being kicked in the back of the head and neck by a mule, I nearly dropped my laptop. It came on as soon as I looked down and stopped when I threw my head back and grabbed onto my neck. I got a wave of pins and needles down my arms strong enough to give me goosebumps. It happened three times (because I’m a weirdo and kept looking down to see if it would happen again). It hasn’t happened so far today, but I guess this means I get to have the joy of L’hermitte’s sign. I’m really hoping that doesn’t come back because it was horrible.

Despite that though, I’m still feeling pretty chipper. While I wish everything would just go away at the drop of a hat so I can completely get back to normal, I know that expecting that is foolish. Considering how long this relapse has gone on for and how intense it was, I think it’s safe to say it will take a while for me to get back to 100% but I’m ok with that. I got a new video of my twitchy leg that shows the way it is now (took it yesterday morning) so I’m going to be uploading that and posting it in this entry. Today is the day I harass that neurologist for my results as well, that’ll be fun (hoping his secretary answers the phone this time, not him).

I’m going to be playing around with the layout of this blog a bit today to try to make it easier to read and more organized, so if you notice things looking really odd throughout the day, that’s why.

Here’s that video of my leg dancing yesterday morning.


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