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Panic mode

May 15, 2011

I over did it a bit and got myself too warm doing housework. It started with another bout of vertigo, so I laid down on the floor right away and tried to just stare at one spot on the ceiling until it went away. The headache hasn’t gone away and is entering migraine territory. My right eye is killing me again. It feels like the back of my eye is being squished. And now I’m having those flashes of light again…but it’s not dark. This is new. Normally this only happens when it’s dark…it’s not as quick and it seems to just be one flash at once, it’s kind of more like a white blur. I’m having a really hard time concentrating, and my legs started to cramp up a bit; the back of my legs got really stiff and sore so I sat down to stretch and massage them. When I passed by a mirror on the way to the couch I noticed that my mouth is drooping from the numbness. I started looking things up and I really shouldn’t have because it’s making me worry.

My main concern right now (besides the anxiety over waiting for the bloody MRI results) is delaying treatment. I’m worried that I’ll have to go through a second episode of symptoms and a second MRI to confirm a diagnosis before I can start treatment. Judging from my history, that could be anywhere from a few weeks to a year. I can’t put up with just having to deal with all this on my own anymore. There is nothing I can do for a lot of these symptoms at all, and just managing the stress and depression on my own is a bit too much. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s really hard…I think I’m just going to try to take a nap or something. It’s always cool in my bedroom so that should help. I get really warm at work so maybe I should bring an icepack or something with me to put on the back of my neck to cool me down.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading today’s article very much. Checking up on my health is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active and healthier. Thanks again for sharing your article.

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