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Not too bad

May 14, 2011

Ok, well I got caught up on my sleep last night for sure. I ended up getting 13 hours of sleep, and the lack of pain continues! Had a bit of a headache this morning but it’s gone now. I started the new exercise routine this morning (mainly lots of stretching and some yoga, no weight lifting or that sort of thing yet, I will build up to that). It feels great to be exercising again (I used to do a lot of weight lifting, pushups, jogging, that sort of thing). If my legs are feeling as good tomorrow as they are today, I’m going to go for a walk early in the morning (if it’s not pouring rain that is). When I start rushing about too much my legs do get cramped up a bit, but sitting down for a few minutes massaging the muscles and applying cold helps a lot. I have some twitches in my legs and face but they aren’t painful. Flashes of light in the dark are still there but not as plentiful.

The numbness is still all there but oh well. Every now and then some of the numb spots start to get that itchy pins and needles feeling but it goes away usually after 20 minutes or so. The numbness and pins and needles don’t cover an entire limb. Some of the spots that are numb are the left half of the roof of my mouth, the middle of my lips (so eating and drinking can be tricky), tip of my nose, around my left eye, left cheekbone, part of my left earlobe, right temple, the back of my right thigh, top of my right foot, front of my right shin, finger tips, left wrist, right bumcheek and right side of *ahem* reproductive area (that one feels REALLY weird). Some areas are worse than others, it ranges from completely numb to being able to feel a little bit. It was really nice to be able to go out and guy grocheries without getting stared at.

Having the numbess in my thigh and naughty bits though brings up a really weird sensation. When walking or standing, it’s easy enough to try to ignore, when but sitting down it kind of feels like I’ve had an accident. At home this is fine, but I did get this before when I was in college and it brought up a lot of anxiety. Since I’m going back to school in September, I’m dreading going through that again. I would be sitting in class, barely paying attention to lectures because I was worrying so much about standing up when the class ended. My mind would be racing the whole time. Why does my leg feel like that? Is it wet? Why is it wet? Did I just do what it feels like I did? Why would that happen? If it did happen, how am I going to get ouf of class without anyone noticing? How am I going to get home without anyone noticing? How will I ever be able to go back to class without being crushed by embarassment? I ended up always wearing a sweater (even on very hot days, which made things worse and made people ask why I was wearing a sweater on such a hot day) so I could tie it around my waist if that feeling come up. I never did have an accident but it constantly felt like I did. I have been having some problems with my bladder lately (it either feels like I don’t have to go at all, or I have to go immediately, and it’s hard to get going), so if I do end up losing control of that function, I’m a bit worried that I won’t even notice and just pass it off as that numbness tricking me.

Anyway…I’ve noticed that the number of readers of this blogged has jumped back up a bit lately. So thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my ramblings. Hopefully it’s helping some of you in some way. As far as I can tell from the settings for this blog (still not used to the controls for this thing), anonymous comments are enabled so if you want to say something but don’t want to leave your name or e-mail address, you can. Since I’ve got legs that work and energy to spare, it’s time for me to stop sitting at the computer and get some work done.


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