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Good morning

May 12, 2011

I didn’t get to start the stretches this morning because I slept in 😛 Normally I get up at 5:30 but I must have turned off the alarm while half asleep and went back to bed because I didn’t get up until 7:00. Oh well, I needed the rest. I’ll start doing the stretches tonight after supper.

I’m a little bit anxious about the MRI tomorrow. Last time I saw my doctor she mentioned something about canceling the apppointment and getting one done yesterday at the hospital. Since that didn’t happen though I’m not sure if anything was done about my appointment. I called the MRI clinic to confirm that the appointment is still on (I’m hoping she didn’t prematurely cancel the appointment on my behalf, though she may have been telling me to cancel after being seen at the hospital…really not sure, I was really upset and in a lot of pain so I didn’t really hear some of what she said). Unfortunately they’ve been getting a lot of calls today so I had to leave a message so now I’m just waiting for them to call me back to confirm it. If they haven’t called back by 3:30 then I’m probably going to be too anxious and will end up calling my doctor’s office to see if she called them to cancel (I don’t think she did though….but still…piece of mind. It’s a minimum two hour drive to the MRI place so I don’t want to go that far for nothing).

I’m also thinking about dietary changes now. I am lactose intolerant (not completely intolerant but still, I can’t drink a glass of milk without getting sick). I do drink regular milk in coffee and tea and whatnot though, so I’m going to switch back to *bleck* soy milk again. It’s a little bit more expensive and doesn’t taste all that great but oh well, I’ll get used to it I guess. I don’t drink it straight anyway so it shouldn’t be too noticable (it is really good in some cereals though). I’m not a vegetarian but I very rarely eat red meat because I’m fussy about the texture of foods. Raw fruits and vegetables seem to be the easiest on my stomach when I’m having really bad symptoms so I think I’m going to look into some new recipes for salads and whatnot. If you have any suggestions for recipes feel free to post them.

Symptoms today…actually not bad. It’s still cool out and I left my windows open all night so it’s cool in the house. My legs are still really sore (about 6 out of 10) and I’m getting a few muscle spasms in my calves and thighs. My foot isn’t tensed up and turned inward anymore like it was all day yesterday so walking is much easier (still walking slowly though because of the pain). No headaches or migraines so far *knock on wood*, tremors are mild enough that they’re not interferring with anything. My feet are kinda numb and tingly but it’s not the pins and needles on fire kind of tingly (a bit itchy but oh well). My bottom lip is still a bit twitchy and numb, and I still have a numb spot on my face just below my left eye. I didn’t have too many flashes of light last night when I got into bed (since I have blackout curtains in my bedroom that is when I see most of the flashes). They were still there but there weren’t tons of them all at once. I’m not feeling as foggy today and not as tired (so far I haven’t struggled to find any words). I have been getting the most bizzare of all the sensations again though: water. It feels like certain spots on my legs and arms are wet even though they are completely dry and I’m not sweating. It’s really really odd. I was pretty disturbed by this when it started (made me feel like I was going insane) but I’ve gotten used to it I guess now and it’s kind of amusing I suppose. Anyone else ever get a sensation like that?

Anyway, I’ve been pushing off breakfast to get other things done so I think it’s time I make something to eat. Will update this entry later today if I find out anything new about the MRI or if any new symptoms come up. Hope you have a good day!

Oh! One more thing: I’m not longer taking the OTC pain killers and muscle relaxants. They weren’t doing anything and were harming my stomach. I take one of the mild pain killers before bed because my jaw tenses up when I sleep which gives me horrible migraines the next day and an extremely sore jaw but that’s it.

The MRI clinic just called to confirm the appointment, so it’s all set for tomorrow morning.


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