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Home sweet home with a semi-answer

May 11, 2011

Good evening ladies and gents. I got back from big city hospital not too long ago and while it didn’t quite work out the way I and my GP were hoping, I am very glad I went.

First of all, the staff…wow. I’ve never seen so many happy hospital staff members before. Everyone was cheery and helpful and very very kind. There must be something in the air there. The doctor was absolutely 100% top notch. He was patient, had a good sense of humour, took really thorough notes (which he gave me a copy of, I’m so used to doctors treating their notes like they are gold and not sharing them). The main reasons for me going today were to try to get a rushed MRI and to get a referral to a new neurologist. I didn’t get the rushed MRI (I had my doubts that was going to happen anyway) but I do have a referral now to a neurologist in that hospital 😀 They did some bloodwork to rule out viruses and whatnot, and all my bloodwork came back normal (as the doctor predicted it would). Before the results came back the doctor mentioned how he doubted anything would show on the bloodwork, and really stressed how my symptoms get worse when I’m stressed and when I get too warm. Him pointing this out really made it click in my head what he suspected it was. So when the results came back, I asked him bluntly if he thought MS is a possibility. I read him right. He admitted he does suspect MS because of the symptoms I’ve had and the triggers I have. The only thing that seemed unusual to him was how young I was when the symptoms started, but despite that (says it’s rare but not impossible) that yes, he says it’s possible MS.

Now, normally that would be pretty horrible, right? It was actually a relief to me. If the MRI shows nothing then we’re pretty much back to it being a mystery illness, but with the new neurologist, I could discuss the possibility of completely ruling that out with a lumbar puncture (it is possible for it to be MS and not have anything clearly show up on an MRI). So at least now I have a second opinion already lined up, and it’s no longer a complete mystery. I’m feeling pretty good right now. My leg was tensed up a lot today (it was really hot today) but it’s cooled off outside and my leg is starting to relax a bit (still spasms every now and then but it’s not completely tensed all the time. My foot is numb though, legs are tingly, and I have some numbness in my face). I’m just glad I’m not in constant horrible pain right now.

I’m very very thankful for all the staff at the hospital today. Their attitude helped me relax a lot which really helped out with my symptoms. They were all fantastic at their jobs, respectful, unbelievably quick (within two hours I was seen by triage, registered, seen by an RN, seen by the doctor, and had my blood drawn) and very very kind. If all hospitals were like that one there would be no complaints about ERs.

This whole experience has really shown me how much stress worsens my condition so I think I’m going to try out a few new things. I’m going to try some basic sitdown yoga stretching (which I’m hoping will help with my balance as well), meditation, and will be keeping a journal (since if I write every little thought down in this blog I would have to write 50 entries a day). I’m going to have to put a lot more effort into maintaining a regular sleep routine as well. If you have any suggestions for managing stress feel free to post them in a comment.


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