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A little bit of happy

April 27, 2011

Despite the extremely sore legs I’m feeling much more optimistic today than I was yesterday. It’s actually warm enough out to wear shorts (finally), and I just found out that one of my favorite bands will be playing fairly close to me in a few months (fingers crossed on getting tickets, we’ll see on Saturday). I’m going to try to get some wild rose bushes dug up so I can replace them with lavender next month so I’m expecting to be very very sore tonight and spending a good chunk of time picking thorns out of my fingers (hey, there is an upside to numb fingertips!)
Since I’ve been free of severe muscle contractions the past few days I’ve been able to avoid muscle relaxants, so the vivid nightmares about weird shadowy monsters sneaking into my bedroom that those pills cause have been at a minimum. My left wrist has been kinda tense (though it’s quite relaxed today) so I’ve had to wear a brace for the past week or so. I still have a bit of a tremor (in both hands now) but it’s mild enough that I might try to really carefully paint my nails later. Sounds like a small thing, but little things like that start to matter a lot when you’re incapable of doing them.
I think I’ve got a good start to some lyrics so I’ll be working on those tonight.


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