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Premature optimism

April 22, 2011

It turns out all the happiness and optimism at the doctor’s office was a bit premature. I started another episode yesterday evening. While it does not compare to a previous one in which I lost complete control of my arm, it was worse in other ways.
The problem is I had plans to go out to a movie with some friends, and I was supposed to be the one driving. Since I ended up in a condition in which it was unsafe to drive, it got canceled. This was unbelievably depressing. All I wanted to do was go out and have a good time with my friends, but instead I got stuck being alone and in pain at home. My legs had felt “fine” all day (meaning the pain was so minor it was just a little annoying and the tingling as well, those two are there permanently and I’ve come to accept that, along with the numbness in my fingertips), but I started getting a headache (not the icepick through the eye migraine associated with episodes, just a normal headache) so I decided to eat supper before going out. This turned out to be a big mistake since eating brought on breath-takingly painful abdominal cramps and I ended up getting pretty sick. Shortly after this my left arm (not just my hand) started to shake again and my wrist was bending downwards, so I just threw on my brace, took something for my stomach and decided to give it a few minutes to kick in before getting ready to go out. Once the cramps passed I started to get ready and ended up falling in the shower.
All I did was turn my head to the side to rinse out some shampoo. As soon as I turned my head it felt like the room did a 180 and the floor was dropping out from under me. Because of the way I was standing I didn’t have time to turn and hold onto the grab bar, so I ended up falling backwards and hitting my shoulder on it instead. My hip hit the side of the tub but not nearly as hard as I had hit my shoulder, and I managed to avoid hitting my head. Thankfully the only injuries as a few bruises. It was at that point I decided not to go out. If I couldn’t look over my shoulder, then there was no way I could merge in traffic and with sudden vertigo spells that were completely messing up my coordination and balance it was in no way safe to drive.
After a massive increase in the tingling in my legs (which spread to my arms), muscle spasms in my thighs, and the usual icepick migraine making a comeback I tried to lay down for a minute until the migraine passed but ended up falling asleep.
What a great night out :S I’ve decided to start using a shower chair at all times now instead of just during a bad episode. I don’t want to end up laying unconscious in the tub.


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